Cuccinelli Campaign Statement On Today’s Supreme Court Rulings

Cuccinelli Campaign Statement On Today’s Supreme Court Rulings

Springfield, Va. – The Ken Cuccinelli for Governor campaign released the following statement regarding today’s Supreme Court rulings:

“Ken Cuccinelli has always believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Going forward, he will continue to defend the will of the people of Virginia, an overwhelming majority of whom voted to protect the definition of traditional marriage under Virginia’s Constitution. Ken’s consistency and clarity on this matter stands in stark contrast to Terry McAuliffe who is eager to attack the attorney general without taking a position himself. Trying to pin down Terry McAuliffe on this issue—just like so many other issues—is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.” – Dave Rexrode, Campaign Manager



9 thoughts on “Cuccinelli Campaign Statement On Today’s Supreme Court Rulings

  1. ??”defend the will of the people of Virginia”??????????? now just what constitutional lawyer would come up with such parlance? And who defines what the will off the people is? I thought officials defend the Constitution of the U.S.??????? Go Ken go………..back to the private sector!!!

  2. Yes, Federal Officials defend the US Constitution. State officials also defend the state laws. Like it or not, in 2006, VA passed a law by ballot initiative regarding traditional marriage. At the time, that was the will of the people of VA and it hasn’t been challenged (yet, although I would suspect that it will be in time).

  3. Past Commonwealth AGs also defended Eugenics, Jim Crow laws, Segregation, anti-miscegenation laws… I could go on. We shall see how history sorts this one out. Of course, we are still seeing how his attempt to reinstate laws against what consenting adults do in their bedrooms turns out.

    I want a Government that leaves its citizens alone. I always thought that was a Conservative value.

    I am a right leaning Libertarian pondering Rand Paul’s “Libertarian Republican” brand (which is appealing); however, I am beginning to worry about the Commonwealth’s Republican ticket. I am sure some will bash me; however, I would rather hear rational arguments why I shouldn’t worry. That might get the vote of folks like me.

    Bashing will just confirm my fears.

    1. Don’t forget, Al, that the defense of the anti-sodomy law is based upon one case where it was used to prosecute and convict someone soliciting an underage girl where there were no other options available that would result in adequate punishment.

    2. Yes, McAuliffe’s business and political background is significant enough to be Governor!! And Bishop’s Hardard Law Degree and his storefront ministries are not the same as Obama’s Harvard Law Degree and Constitutional Law Professor at Chicago and Community Organizer……Bishop and Obama are/were not the same!!

  4. Interesting analyses Al. Regarding the ticket, the Bishop’s entire background is in Ministry. While Ministry is normally good, i dont believe he has any other qualifications to be Lt. Gov/Gov. Apart from lack of qualifications, he has made some appalling social commentaries. He has a right to do so of course, but this pulls him away from large segments of the commonwealth’s population who is would supposed to represent and govern. AG Coochinelli’s background has been initiating hot button litigation on social issues. It has gotten him a lot of press. I have never heard of any involvement in the key issues before the state……..and that makes him unqualified in my opinion…………..

    1. Yeah, Jackson’s Harvard Law Degree doesn’t qualify him to be LG. By that logic, Obama’s Harvard Law Degree and entire background in community organizing didn’t qualify him to be a drive-by U.S. Senator who wasn’t in office long enough to learn the procedures of the Senate before running for President.

  5. And what are McAuliffe’s qualifications to be governor? He was DNC chair, friend of the Clintons, raised a s**tload of money for Democrat candidates, and ran a few unsuccessful businesses. GREAT resume!

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