Howie Lind Asks, “Who does Mark Warner speak for?”

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The question is: for whom does Mark Warner speak?

And, more importantly, who speaks for us?

On the critical issues that concern Virginians the most – the stagnating economy, jobs, reliable energy produced right here in Virginia and in the USA, and the massive intrusion of government at all levels into the lives of average citizens – Mark Warner has proven to be a danger to liberty-loving Virginians.

He is a rubberstamp for the far left radical political apparatus run by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

Mark Warner has supported and voted for every destructive domestic and economic policy that has emerged from Congress in the last six years, from the crushing mandates of the radical Obamacare legislation, the stealth crony-capitalism of the Dodd-Frank financial legislation, higher taxes, higher deficits, and the pending amnesty for illegal aliens. He refuses to drill or mine American energy – not to mention rejecting the jobs that energy production would create right here in Virginia.

And, not content to vote for the far left domestic agenda that has failed so miserably, Mark Warner seems determined to aid the destruction of our military preparedness and honor.

He has remained silent and disgracefully indifferent while four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, were abandoned and died in the field of battle at Benghazi. And he did nothing while the White House worked to cover it up.

He has stood silent while the military has failed in its most basic obligation to support the widows and children of the 13 dead soldiers killed by a radical Islamist in Fort Hood, Texas. He allowed the Obama Administration to label this atrocity “workplace violence”, which forbids the families from receiving the same survivor benefits as those whose loved ones have died in battle overseas.

He has refused to stand tall for the religious liberty of our service men and women in active duty; and he has stood idly by while the defense budget is cut to ribbons both on the battlefield and right here in Virginia.

So, who speaks for ordinary, hard working, honest and faithful Virginians? Who looks out for your interests in Washington? Who stands for individual responsibility and liberty?

As a 20 year veteran, former Naval officer, a father of four, and a proud Virginian, I simply cannot – I will not – sit by while one of the most irrelevant and inconsequential senators in modern Virginia history seeks to do even further damage to our nation.

Therefore, I have made the decision to run for the U.S. Senate in 2014 after a great deal of thought, and a great deal of prayer.

I look forward to working with Republicans across Virginia as we support and work for victory this November. In the meantime, I also hope to be in every county and district in the Commonwealth this year and next, and I look forward to seeing and visiting with you personally.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at if you have any questions about my candidacy or want to pledge your support.


Howie Lind
Republican for U.S. Senate

P.S. I refuse to accept that Mark Warner “cannot be beat.” I cannot believe Virginians when given a clear choice will support a 100 percent pro-Obama liberal over a strong conservative who speaks out loudly and boldly for the values you and I hold dear. I look forward to your support. Thank you.

P.P.S. Please consider contributing to my campaign either by donating online or by check made out to: Howie Lind for Senate; and mailed to: Howie Lind for Senate, P.O. Box 878, McLean, VA 22101.

P.P.P.S. Please visit my website at to sign up for campaign updates and to contribute to my campaign.


7 thoughts on “Howie Lind Asks, “Who does Mark Warner speak for?”

  1. Howie……you’ve been listening too much to Hate Radio…….Mark Warner is dealing with ISSUES that need to be addressed. He is methodical, business-like, collaborative………your storming anti-Obama hate rhetoric will get you nowhere………of course, you really, shouldn’t be in the race in the first place…yur wasting your time!!!

  2. Ken hates hate, and the haters who hate too.

    For some odd reason though, he doesn’t mind the haters on the left.

  3. Ah yes, those on the left who claim to be the most tolerant open-minded people who love and respect everyone — except for those stupid f*ing b*ards on the right.

    1. ah, ha….YOU said that……….not me………………and all this started with the rhetoric from Sen. Warner’s opponent……………re-read his statement……..and just what do you think its all about???

  4. I don’t read any hate in the statement. I do, however, read a lot of concern about the direction of the country. Concerns that I happen to share.

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