Sacre Bleu! The FDA goes too far, holding Mimolette hostage!

For the last 2 months I have been unable to find my favorite cheese, a French hard cheese, Mimolette. Louis XIV ordered the first production of Mimolette.   It has been imported to the US for decades.  I am lover of cheese, all kinds of cheese, and Mimolette is the best cheese I have ever tasted.  Being a creature of habit I have enjoyed it everyday for the last few years.  Now, I can’t get it.  Today I learned why.  The FDA has decided that the microscopic mites on the rind of Mimolette are a danger to society.  “Some people might be allergic to them”, although there is ZERO evidence that anyone has ever had any reaction to Mimolette.  There have been NO reports of ANY problems with the cheese.   The tiny mites are part of what makes Mimolette what it is.  The  mites are blown off the rind prior to shipping from France but a few of these microscopic mites remain.  The FDA has declared that to be unacceptable.   We now have thousands of pounds of Mimolette being held hostage in warehouses across the country.  The FDA will not allow it to be released!  This is outrageous!!

The Cato Institute said this about the ban, “Could this be the most useless allocation of FDA resources yet? It just mite.”

From the Washington Times Editorial entitled “Free the Cheese Mites”,  ”

The FDA appears to have started a war on French cheese without an exit strategy. Who knows where cheese creep could take us? But the agency risks biting off more than it can swallow. Cheese is one of the staples of the American diet; we eat 33 pounds of cheese per person every year, on average. The International Dairy Foods Association says it’s an $11 billion a year business.

Nannies, whether mayors or governors or FDA commissioners, don’t actually care what people eat, or listen to, or watch, or whether life’s little problems are real or imaginary. They just groove on bossing people around. The nannies at the FDA should cut a slice of Mimolette, brush off the bugs, pour a glass of Kendall-Jackson pinot noir 2009, break out a package of crackers and leave the rest of us alone. And let the rest of the Mimolette, mites and all, out of jail.”

I couldn’t agree more!  Free the Mimolette!   Go to this Facebook page to join the protest!  Contact your Congressman and Senators and ask them to demand that the FDA release the best cheese ever made!  We can’t let the FDA get away with this!  Enough is enough.  We can’t let the FDA control our lives and our cheese!   YOUR favorite cheese could be next!

More on this important story  here, here, and here.

UPDATE:  The libertarians want to free the Mimolette!  The Daily Beast report on the over reach of the FDA.


11 thoughts on “Sacre Bleu! The FDA goes too far, holding Mimolette hostage!

  1. I see the escalation coming, next the French will place a quarantine on Velveeta, and the FDA will naturally retaliate with a bleu cheese ban for being moldy. Where will it end?

  2. Since Smithfield ham is our Christmas tradition, I am very upset about the Chinese buying it. French ham is boring, but their cheese is the best. American cheese is boring, but our ham is the best.

  3. While I do not personally mourn the loss of this apparent special cheese, I feel your outrage over the FDA 🙂

    1. If you had tasted it, you would mourn the loss! The FDA is finding ways to anger every American with their continued over reaching into our lives.

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