Just In Case McAuliffe Wasn’t Clear The First Time

Just in case Terry McAuliffe’s previous Facebook ad about “Marriage Equality” wasn’t clear enough for you, he has a new one out now.

Thank the Supreme Court

Our fight for full equality continues: Join Terry McAuliffe, VA’s only pro-LGBT candidate!

I guess since McAuliffe can’t talk about creating jobs (since his claimed record on that has proven to be a complete joke), he’s resorting to social issues.

Sorry, Terry, unlike jobs this doesn’t put food on the table or clothe kids.


5 thoughts on “Just In Case McAuliffe Wasn’t Clear The First Time

  1. Makes sense to me — Terry has the muscle to espouse more than one issue at a time. One of the founders of the Rep Party as we know it today…..is Gerald Ford, who proved he couldnt walk and chew gum at the same time…….there are lots of issues………….

  2. The only muscle Terry McAuliffe has is between his ears, not in a good way. He is basically a fraud. He has been quoted as saying, “I’ve got to have 25 balls in the air at the same time” and then explains his ‘quiet’ departure from Green Tech as needing to focus on running for Governor, so OBVIOUSLY he doesn’t have the muscle to address more than one issue at a time. Besides, another of his quotes is “I stay away from issues” which does tell us why he is so clueless on all of them. We demand an explanation for him leaving Green Tech and hiding that fact for four months. We also demand he release his tax returns as he demanded of Romney. After all, Romney, unlike Terry McAuliffe, never had his business deals investigated multiple times for ethics violations. Terry McAuliffe is hiding way too many issues to be a legitimate candidate in Virginia.

    1. Larsele, you are interrupting Ken in his quest to apply one set of standards to the blue party (the one he is on) and a much tougher set of standards to the red party (the one he s not on). Logic has no place in this discussion for Ken. You are just confusing the poor dear.

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