TX Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant, “Hail Satan!”

Pro-Abortion protesters chant “Hail Satan!” as Pro-Life protesters sing “Amazing Grace” at the Texas State Capital during the TX legislature’s special session where they are voting to ban abortions performed after 20 weeks. Praising Satan is just plain sick. According to those on the scene, this went on all day yesterday. (Click the graphic below for the video.)

tx protest video


17 thoughts on “TX Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant, “Hail Satan!”

  1. Yes, the whole scene is sick, including the Amazing Grace chanters……as if they have a monopoly on virtue!!!

    1. Ken, please don’t tell me that you are equating the two sides here. Despite the differences in ideology we may have, I would like to think that our shared religious background would lead both of us to speak out against anyone praising Satan.

    2. OK Praising Satan is off the charts. My futile point is that there is NO answer to the abortion matter…….are we supposed to outlaw the practice? At what day or month? Our society has gone far beyond what is right and i dont think there is any turning back….and people who wring their hands calling people who have abortions ..murderers…………..is as sick as the other side in my opinion. Lots of heat and name calling………….no solutions. And the politicians are the worst. I believe many use the issue to support their re-elections when they could really give a damn…..starting of course with voting against measures to help poor mothers with newborns. In conclusion, remember Congresswoman Schrader…who used the example of a baby whose brain was growing outside of the spinal cord…..and being aborted…….while her opponent used an example of an month old fetus/baby girl being aborted because the parents wanted a boy. Obvioulsy in my opinion, one was murder; one was just………….Peace. Ken

  2. I sure can claridy LL. Thank you for asking. My comment was that aborting an 8-month old fetus/baby girl was (is) murder in my opinion. In the case of the fetus/baby’s brain growing outside of the spinalcord…in my opinion, and if in the opinion of doctors and concurrence with the mother and father if available, abortion would be justified in my opinion. The bottom line, though, who is to be given the power to make such decisions? YES, the whole thing is a mess…

    1. Declaring “aborting for the purpose of sex selection is murder” is an arbitrary position. Aborting for any reason is murder short of actually saving the life of the mother is murder. In that one case – where both lives are forfeit when no action is taken – does the calculus make any sense as you are at least saving one of two lives.

      Furthermore the anti abortion protestors are not declaring any kind of monopoly on virtue. If you knew anything about Christianity you would know better. For the Christian, no one except God is virtuous. By declaring oneself a Christian one is publicly acknowledging ones fallen state and the need for a redeeming savior.

    2. One never ‘judges’ others to be murderers. Judging is about intentions. Discerning is about action. Murder is an action. No judgement is involved — the action speaks for itself.

  3. Ken, you refer to some sort of doubt about when life begins and when abortion is murder, and suggest that opinions can differ about something that, presumably, is unknowable. I differ with your premises (a lot), but just for the sake of argument, how can you support a practice that your own logic concedes routinely results in murder? Wouldn’t it be the morally wiser choice when confronted with such a quandary to err on the side of the decision that doesn’t result in loss of life? Why does that appear not to matter to you?

    1. Certainly it matters to me…….its just that I don’t get a vote………and do not attempt to universally install my judgments as equal to or more important than those making the decisions……There are facts around each of these cases…..and these facts need to be judged…….My judgment is similar to Clinton’s…..make them safe, legal and rare…………

  4. Safe, legal, and rare? Over a million abortions a year are “rare?” Obama wants to SUBSIDIZE the practice. How does that keep abortions rare? Planned Parenthood covers up clinics like Gosnell’s (and other ones that Planned Parenthood operates in other states). How does that keep it safe? Abortion advocates don’t even want older men who prey on teens and get them pregnant to be found out. How does that keep things legal (or rare)?

    1. Very astute comments…….sure there are many questions and many more people to point fingers at………..Try to stop wringing your hands and come up with answers!!! There are none unfortunately.

  5. I see a small group of young women out making some satan remarks. their words are counter-productive. Their message for choice is legal and the right to abortion is constitutional.

    Regardless of what our personal opinions are on abortion, we really need to look at what is legal. The proposed Texas law was illegal.

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