What E.W. Jackson is talking about when he says “rabid radical” gay activists

Earlier this week, E.W. Jackson had a far reaching interview with Newsmax where he not only discussed his focus for the campaign but also addressed attacks on him and his faith as out of context and that he never made religion an issue in this race, his opponents did.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the left’s online operations to jump on this, cherry pick quotes out of context again, and should that Jackson still hates all gays because what’s so “rabid” and “radical” about wanting equality?

The problem with that argument though is that it completely ignores what E.W. Jackson has said and what he means when he speaks on the issue.

They’ll even quote part of his stand while completely ignoring it:

“From going into Catholic churches and desecrating the Sacraments to engaging in all kinds of demonstrative behavior to try to call attention to what they view as their plight.”

In April of 2012, gay rights activists vandalized a Portland church, bringing calls of outrage not just from the church but the community and other gay rights organizations in the area.

“We have every right to be angry, given the history of hurt from the church, but violence is not the answer. If we want to be treated like human beings, we must not behave like animals.”

But if that’s not a recent enough example, just yesterday two men were arrested after assaulting street preachers at a Seattle gay rights parade.

In the video, the protesters, one wearing a “Trust Jesus” t-shirt and carrying a Bible and the other holding a “Repent or Else” sign on a tall pole, are confronted by an angry crowd of people.

“If I were you, I would f***ing leave,” a girl screams at the man with the sign. “If I were you, I would leave.”
The girl warns the protester that his friend is about to “get his a$$ raped” as the protester in the “Trust Jesus” t-shirt is seen being shoved in the background.

THIS is the kind of activist that deserves to be called out and exactly who E.W. Jackson is talking about.

Jackson isn’t wrong. But in an effort to make him appear so, the left is willing to paint their entire movement as “rabid” and “radical” and provide cover for these senseless acts of violence and vandalism.

These actions need to be called out. They need to be denounced. And those who speak up need to be defended from those who would create excuses for their asinine behavior.


4 thoughts on “What E.W. Jackson is talking about when he says “rabid radical” gay activists

  1. He’s a nut and has no business being AG. He won’t get 45% of the vote. Cuccinelli can’t get far enough away from him.

  2. Jackson is running for Lt.Gov……..i’ll give him 25%……..Cooch will get 45% if he’s lucky which will still be a landslide for McAuliffe!!

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