Governor McDonnell to Resign?

So says  It’s not exactly a surprise after the Washington Post’s steady drumbeat of scandal, after scandal,after scandal, after scandal involving the Governor.

My concern is, how do these scandals effect Ken Cuccinelli?   It’s hard to believe that his staff kept the knowledge of these scandals involving Star Scientific secret from the Attorney General.    The Washington Post’s timeline of the Attorney General’s involvement with Star Scientific doesn’t look good.

It’s hard to believe that Governor McDonnell, our former Attorney General, was so careless with these ‘gifts’ from a major donor with business before the state.  How could he throw away his political future like this?  Over a Rolex watch and chance to drive a Masserati and some new clothes for the wife?

Bill Bolling’s dream of being Governor may soon be realized.  And then what?  Will he run in November? And what happens to Ken Cuccinelli’s candidacy?

More on the resignation rumor here. 

The Virginian-Pilot editorial on the subject here.  They’re calling it a crisis.

UPDATES on this story include the phrase “swirling the drain” when referring to McDonnell. More   here and here.

Yet another UPDATE here.   An interview with the Bearingdrift author here.   This one is very hard on McDonnell and his spokesman.  And the drumbeat continues……..


24 thoughts on “Governor McDonnell to Resign?

  1. I hope Bill Bolling does not somehow find his way to being the GOP candidate. After the way he reacted when Ken Cuccinelli entered the gubernatorial race, I might just vote blank-Jackson-Obenshain in November.

    1. I think most of us have the same hope. There’s nothing to stop him from running as an Independent but I don’t see a pay for to win in November.

    1. Yeah, that’s what the democrats are saying. They may not be the best source of information. If the deal hasn’t been inked yet, then technically he’s not resigning. Yet.

    1. Are you saying that there is no investigation? Or that there is no deal being cut? Or that the deal doesn’t include the Governor’s resignation? What do you think will happen to a Governor who accepts all these gifts from a company who has dealings with the state? Nothing is not an option. So what happens to McDonnell? He goes to trial while Governor? I think not.

    1. That’s a fantastic question. Both are shifty. Republicans breed criminals with a conscience, maybe?

  2. My point in the links is that the Post writes about the McDonnell scandals constantly, on the front page. It’s been a steady drumbeat. Yes, they are often redundant, but they are constant. Drip, Drip, Drip.

    No deal has been finalized, but if McDonnell is to avoid something worse, he may have to agree to resigning.

    Tucker Martin said that McDonnell hasn’t resigned. No duh. We’re all aware of that. He did not say that there is no deal in the works, or that McDonnell will not resign. It was a typical no denial, denial.

    First McDonnell sells us out by pushing through the massive tax increase. And then accepts all these gifts from Jonnie Williams. Who knew that the man we thought was a straight arrow conservative would turn out to be such a sleaze?

  3. Why are so many republicans sharing Larry Sabato’s comments on the McDonnell resignation? Why would anyone close to McDonnell confide in him, a democrat who hates republicans? And why are so many republicans anxious to take his word as fact?

  4. How did two people, one the current Attorney General, and one a former Attorney General, not know better than to accept gifts from the President of Star Scientific?

  5. We Virginians have allowed our Richmond officials to live in a very sloppy ethical realm. Bad habits have gotten engrained in the political culture of the capital. I suspect that even a little digging (not often offered by the Richmond roll-over-scratch-my-tummy press) would find that there is a culture of petty, but pervasive mini-corruption between our part-time legislature (which is the farm team for our state-wide office seekers) and businesses with interests in state actions.

    I have no idea what is going on with the Governor, His Wife and the Tobacco Supplement Guy. I hope, for the Governor’s sake, it is more benign than it seems in press treatments. I think he has done an exceptionally good job being a competent governor for all Virginians.

    But time will tell. If we care about this, we should be banging on doors and walls demanding better, more exacting ethical rules for all our state officials.

    1. Cooch was double dipping also……………he was already going to lose to McAuliffe……..first the good Bishop came along (hohohoho) and now all the Jonnie stories……….Cooch is cooked goose………..And if perchance McDonnell has to resign (and i hope that doenst happen), then Bolling steps up…………could he then run?

    2. Ken, as clear as you have made it that you want to see Bill Bolling to be in the race this year, it has already been established that his name cannot be added to the ballot. You can certainly write-in his name if you wish, but such campaigns are notoriously ineffective. In any event, continuing to ask if his name can be added to the ballot will not change the fact that it cannot.

    3. Thank you CRUVA……i was just wondering. Bolling is also a decent guy and got screwed out of the nomination via the convention process!! I told Bolling i would vote for him if he ran – the first time i would have ever voted for a republican! But, i will work for and vote for McAuliffe……….

    4. “the first time i would have ever voted for a republican!”

      Why am I always skeptical whenever I hear someone say that? Oh yeah, 2008, that’s why.

    5. yep………….2008, 2004, 2000 and gilmore and allen and reagan and nixon………..boehner, gingrich……..i would have voted for Abe Lincoln but was out-of town that week!!!

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