Only In Politics! Corry Bliss finds Employment, despite his record.

Last month I wrote about Corry Bliss, adviser to Joe May in his primary race against Dave LaRock for the 33rd district in the House of Delegates.  Joe’s campaign had turned nasty and vicious as campaigns generally do under the guidance of Corry Bliss.  Despite being a 20 year  incumbent, Joe May lost big.  Dave LaRock won easily, with 14% margin.  Once again, for the 6th time, Corry Bliss lost a race.  He has never won a campaign.  His campaign tactics do not work.

Yesterday I learned that another republican candidate is taking a trip down loser lane with Corry Bliss.  He has been hired to manage the campaign of a Georgia candidate for Senate, Karen Handel.  Only in politics could a manager have a record of 0 and 6, and have no problem getting a new job.  I can’t begin to explain it.

Mrs. Handel’s campaign staff: 

  • General Consultant – Chris LaCivita
  • Campaign Manager — Corry Bliss
  • Treasurer – Roger Santi
  • Legal Consultants — Strickland Brockington Lewis LLP
  • Pollster – Whit Ayres
  • Communications Consultant: Dan McLagan, Tactical Communications Solutions
  • Finance Consultant: Ashlee Reid Morehouse
  • Direct Mail: Ron Butler, Creative Direct
  • Internet/Social Media: Vincent Harris, Harris Media, LLC
  • Scheduling: Sarah Beth Kirbo
  • Grassroots Coordinator: Tori Wester

Vincent Harris (owner of the blog is much like Bliss, he too has never worked on a winning campaign.

Since the race isn’t until next year, Karen Handel has plenty of time to make changes to her staff.  Let’s hope that she does.


14 thoughts on “Only In Politics! Corry Bliss finds Employment, despite his record.

  1. I’ve had the distinct misfortune of volunteering on a Bliss campaign… Back in 2009 and 2010, I volunteered a lot of hours on the Dubie campaign in Vermont. It was incredible watching the campaign implode after Bliss was brought on. A great, tight knit campaign completely fell apart and every loyal volunteer I knew walked. How in the hell does this loser keep getting hired?

  2. That’s my point Gallows! How does someone get hired after losing 6 elections, including Vermont where he took a candidate who was up by 20 points and turned him into a loser by election day.

  3. The point is, Corry Bliss has run a few successful campaigns. You had portrayed him as never having run a winning campaign. Agree or disagree with his tactics, they have worked in limited instances. Candidates will continue to hire him, if they think his type of campaigning will work. If you need to drive a nail, nothing beats a hammer.

    1. Therein lies the problem, 2 campaigns (partially) here in Loudoun hired him – both serving the Western Loudoun Area. His brand of campaigning does not fly out there. When a candidate sees one primary implode with Bliss at the helm (Stirrup) then hires the same guy to do the same thing (hello! Joe May), expect the same results.

  4. Worked well enough for Jackson Miller, twice, and Jo Ann Davis, during her last reelection, prior to passing away. The only reason Joe May lost his primary, is because it held on the same date as the Democrat primary. Since voters can’t vote in both, they had to pick a primary. Dems and D-leaning Independents decided it was more important to vote on the ticket that would face the GOP’s conservative ticket, than to vote for Joe May. Moderate Republicans thought since it was a primary, Joe would have an easy time of it, and didn’t bother to turn out. Ask Joe May. He’ll tell you the same thing.

  5. Right, Joesomebody. And this article wasn’t about Corry’s tactics working or not working in Western Loudoun (Loud. Lady). It was just a general attack on his career and Lov. Lady had the facts wrong. He picks tough out of state races like Vermont (first pro life gubernatorial candidate) and Connecticut where republican wins aren’t likely, and puts them in a position to be competitive. That is why he gets hired.

    1. The candidate in Vermont was up by 20 points when Bliss took over! How is that a difficult race? Joe May was a 20 year incumbent with buckets of money. How was that a tough race? John Stirrup was the front runner against Dick Black. How was that one so tough?

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