Artur Davis to run in Virginia’s 10th district?

Artur Davis is testing the waters in Virginia’s tenth Congressional district, a seat held for decades by Frank Wolf.   Davis recently polled 432 republicans in the district asking  which of these candidates they would prefer to run for Congress next year:  State Senators Jill Vogel (not currently a resident of the 10th district) and Dick Black, State Delegates Barbara Comstock and Tim Hugo, and Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart.  Dick Black and and Jill Vogel came out on top in the poll.  Story here. 

There’s a big problem with Davis’s potential run in the 10th district.  Frank Wolf will seek re-election in 2014.  No one will beat Frank Wolf.  He’s won every election since 1984 by 17% or more.  Artur Davis needs to look at a district other than the 10th for his run for Congress.

Frank has an opponent!  Sam Kubba?  Never heard of him.


8 thoughts on “Artur Davis to run in Virginia’s 10th district?

  1. Aside from Frank not retiring in 2014, people that have lived and represented in this District have been waiting in line for years. I suspect there are 5-6 names we could add to the list from this survey that would be interested. Seems like bad form to me.

  2. If I were him I’d wait. I’d like to see him run either for Congress or for the Senate, but I agree, Wolf will hold the seat until he retires. I also agree there are several names that I could think of who would be interested in running in the 10th, both Democrats and Republicans (although I would give the edge to the GOP, as it is a Republican-leaning seat).

    1. With so many others who have worked hard in the 10th district for years, decades even, why should Artur Davis waltz in and get the nomination?

  3. The 10th district is more conservative than Frank Wolf is. It is more conservative than Joe May is. It is more conservative than Beverly Sherwood is. What does Frank Wolf and these other two politicians have in common? Nothing yet…

    1. That may explain why Senators Dick Black and Jill Vogel won the poll. They are the most conservative candidates.

    1. Good question. I have heard the same thing so I have no idea why he ran a poll in the 10th district.

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