It’s good to be the Governor of Virginia!

Looking at Governor McDonnell’s statements of Economic Interests since 2008, I am struck by the all the fun things a Governor gets to do, courtesy of the state and friends in high places.  While the Governor’s salary  is not exorbitant at $175,000, there are definitely some nice perks.  It takes many years of hard work to reach the office of Governor.  It’s nice that there are some rewards for all that work.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership paid for some expensive trips both nationally and internationally:

Europe  $14,325

London and Ireland $11,288

Asia $14,812, plus a similar amount for the First Lady

Israel $9,806, plus a similar amount for the First Lady

Paris Air Show $12,151

According to the Washington Post, during McDonnell’s first 18 months in office he spent over $200,000 traveling in the state’s two planes and 4 helicopters.  Story here. 

The Redskins gave the McDonnells $19,000 worth of tickets and another company, S.J. Strategic Investments, gave the family another $8,940 in Redskins tickets.

Lots of private plane trips along with other fun and interesting gifts can be found on the documents here.


2 thoughts on “It’s good to be the Governor of Virginia!

  1. The General Assembly needs to shore up all the loop-holes so that these kinds of abuses cannot take place in the future. In particular, laws regarding gifts to family members need to be legislated.

    The spending abuses and the gifts are simply embarrassing to Virginians. He isn’t the first but hopefully he will be the last.

  2. Re:
    There is a way that is best for VA, best for the VaRP and best for Bob McDonnell.

    Improbity that skirts the laws is WORSE for all than a guilty conviction because the matter would be ended by a conviction and as I quote Cicero:

    1) “Knowledge which is divorced from justice, may be called cunning
    rather than wisdom.” and

    2) “What is permissible is not always honorable.” which brings McDonnell to

    3) “Take from a man his reputation for probity, and the more shrewd and clever he is, the more hated and mistrusted he becomes.”

    This series of large unreported gifts are initiating a storm of HATE for McDonnell.
    It is a hate that energizes non-republican activist and dispirits Republican activists.
    If not quenched this hate will cause Republicans to damn the memory of McDonnell.
    And the hate storm will bring up other matters for which McDonnell may justly be tried and convicted – McDonnell could easily end up leaving the governorship without his honor, his retirement, and his

    Instead Gov. McDonnell could declare his disability to our Lt. Gov. Bolling so as to be pardoned and restored under the virtue of McDonnell’s parole oath – a parole oath that penitently addresses the customary and particular VA18.2-482, VA18.2-481(3 & 5) felonies of EVERY member of the VA judiciary, meaning EVERY member of the VA bar which includes ALL federal judges in VA.

    Such an action would begin a gentle, orderly and unstoppable cascade of ‘Constitutional Reset’ wherein
    1) the Constitutional basis of our governments are restored,
    2) the causes for alienation and sin in VA to naturally expire at a dramatic rate which will increase our liberty, prosperity and felicity at an equally dramatic rate,
    3) legislation will no longer be viewed as a substitute for justice,
    4) law suites will no longer be viewed as a substitute for good, clean, honorable business practices,
    5) the honor due Virginia among the states will cause large corporations to flock to Virginia, bringing their headquarter with them, so that those corporation may benefit from the large reduction in government induced business risk brought by and sheltered by the strength of Virginia’s citizens

    In this fashion McDonnell could leave the Governorship with
    his honor cleansed and strengthened,
    his retirement intact, and
    his freedom enhanced by the respect of the people and their corporations -who now would be pleased to have McDonnell on their board of directors.

    To achieve this McDonnell must only do what is necessary to purge HIMSELF of his customary felony and other wrong doing. This is easily done.

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