Governor McDonnell to Resign on Monday

So says the well connected Mike Belefski.   Mike was the Northern Virginia Field Director for Bill Bolling during his run for Governor.   Much more about Mike on Google.   Mike has posted today on his Twitter account and on his Facebook page that Governor McDonnell will resign on Monday. is reporting that the Governor has cleared his schedule for next week, to vacation at the Virginia Military base, Camp Pendleton.  It looks like a good place to hide from the press.

Bill Bolling’s lifelong dream to become Governor is about to come true.  It also appears that Willie Deutsch was right.

UPDATE:  More on the Governor’s troubles here.  We simply cannot have a trial begin just before the November elections.  It will sink our republican candidates.

UPDATE part Deux:  Mike Belefski is reporting on Facebook that the mainstream media will be covering the story this weekend.

The Richmonder has confirmed that the Governor has been in negotiation with the federal authorities.  He says the First Couple is “now trying to avoid a felony conviction in exchange for a quick and clean exit from Virginia’s Governor’s Mansion.”  How sad that is.   Story here. 

Saturday UPDATE:  Rumors abound in Richmond that there will be a special meeting/conference call on Sunday for the House of Delegates, prior to the Governor’s big announcement.  I assume that means a republican caucus call and not the full HOD.

Anyone else find it odd that the Governor’s spokesman is in San Diego “for work”?  And without comment about the Governor’s impending resignation?

Finally, a denial, sorta,  So he won’t resign Monday?  Will it be Tuesday?  Friday?   Nothing on his twitter account,

Much more coming on Sunday.

Early Sunday Update:  The Governor’s resignation tied to the Travyon Martin verdict?  So says TooConservative.  Seems unlikely but the verdict is now behind us.

Second Sunday Update:  The above link no longer works.  It seems all posts and comments critical of the Governor have been scrubbed from TooConservative.

An excellent post by Delegate Scott Surovell on the behavior of our Governor here.

Late Sunday Update:  HOD conference call for tonight was cancelled.  I have no idea what that might mean.

If Governor McDonnell does not resign tomorrow, he needs to make a statement of some kind about the allegations against him.  This has gone on long enough.


35 thoughts on “Governor McDonnell to Resign on Monday

  1. Deutsch said that resignation is part of a plea bargain. When I see the plea bargain that includes resignation, I will give Deutsch credit for events having caught up with his speculation. I sincerely doubt he was in a position to know this as a fact at the time he belched it into the blogosphere. His judgement and credibility are compromised totally by his linking the Governor’s issues with the Jeff Frederick disaster. I can’t even begin to imagine what the interior of a brain must be like to think that these two examples of incompetence, insensitivity to basic ethical constraints, and disregard for the public trust have to do with each other.

  2. Other than as part of a plea bargain, there is no reason for McDonnell to resign.

    I agree, Jeff Frederick has nothing to do with the Governor’s current predicament. Perhaps they are simply enjoying watching their enemy go down and it’s a bit of a gloat tying it to Frederick.

    1. Oh.. I see. So.. essentially selling his Governorship to a corporation is “no reason”? Not to mention the many times his family gutted the mansion of food and other items.

      I guess we need to start viewing political positions as nothing more than hoity-toity government housing programs for the wealthy that they can sublet while we pay them, huh?

    2. If McDonnell can continue to plead innocent, in his mind, there is no reason to resign

      I agree with you that there are plenty of reasons, but he’s denying them. If he has to face trial, then he plea bargains and leaves office. Other than that, he can deny, deny, deny. Right?

      This is all so ugly, and so sad. Bob McDonnell has been such a huge disappointment to so many of us.

  3. Mike’s latest update says “More news this weekend on msm!”

    I wonder who is leaking to Mike? I have an idea. Someone who is very happy about all of this.

  4. NLS tweets:
    @notlarrysabato: I have it confirmed “100 percent” that the Gov is *not* resigning on Monday from a senior admin source. Every1 calm down & enjoy ur weekend.

    1. Hahaha, as if Republicans in Richmond confide in Ben Tribbett! Funny that they haven’t confided that information to any republican.

    2. Ben may be right. The resignation may be delayed a day or two for unforeseen reasons. He has a lot of ducks to line up, and people to inform, before it goes public.

  5. Donnie in Luray
    The best that we can hope for is that he will take a bus load with him! No, I am not a Democrat. I am someone who can remember Virginia back when we had “REAL GOVS,” like Godwin and Dalton. We need folks in Richmond who will put Virginia before party, just like we need folks in Washington who will put America before party. It’s not impossible, but it would require all voters to think, and to be honest with themselves, and to always vote!

  6. Tucker Martin gets paid $140,000 per year according to 2011 records. Would it be a stretch to assume that he and the other state employees, are interested in getting paid as opposed to going on the market, a little prematurely? The next state pay day is on the 16th followed by August 1st.

  7. More pathetic rumor-mongering. BobbyMac isn’t going anywhere on Monday, except maybe out for a swim with his family at Virginia Beach.

  8. Did you even read that entire TooConservative post? (Now apparantly scrubbed – probably because of confusion…)

    1. I removed the posts Saturday evening in anticipation of being contacted by Gov. McDonnell’s legal team and contacted a lawyer myself.

      Since then I’ve restored the posts and included an update.

      If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me at @rappahannockred.

    1. Or perhaps Mike Belefski’s credibility will be gone. But thanks for your concern.

      I report you decide what and who to believe.

  9. How very strange, Colin B. has completely disappeared from TooConservative. His posts were critical of the Governor and now, poof, he and his posts have been eliminated. Why? TC has had terrible, garbage, posts on the site for years and now a few posts critical of McDonnell are deleted. Why would the owner allow disgusting pro abortion posts to remain up but no posts that are at all critical of the Governor? Curious.

  10. I removed the posts Saturday evening in anticipation of being contacted by Gov. McDonnell’s legal team and contacted a lawyer myself.

    Since then I’ve restored the posts and included an update.

    If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me at @rappahannockred.

    1. Seriously Colin b.? I think Bob McDonnell’s lawyers have bigger fish to fry than you, or me, or any other blogger. I don’t see Emmet Flood spending a lot of time reading our blogs.

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