Robert Sarvis Running for Governor as E.W. Jackson?

Robert Sarvis is the Libertarian candidate for Governor here in the Commonwealth. You may not have heard of him but that’s not atypical of third party runs in Virginia. We like our top two and little else.

Which may explain why Sarvis seems to be taking a page or eight out of E.W. Jackson‘s playbook.

Let’s start at the top (of Sarvis’s website) and check out the logo:


Compared to:


Wow. Now, some may argue that the simplicity is easy enough to duplicate, but, gosh, the similarities…

But wait, it doesn’t end there. How about the issues?

First up, Sarvis:


Compare that to Jackson’s Agenda to Inspire and Unite Virginia.

School choice? Check! Parental Choice in Education!

Tax reform? Check! TABOR!

Recognize gay marriage? Nope. But that’s a constitutional amendment issue that even Terry McAuliffe said is off the table (despite his advertisements arguing otherwise). But it’s a difference with Jackson.


Protect gun rights? Check! Protect our 2nd Amendment rights!

Reform our drug laws? Jackson doesn’t have it on his agenda, but Rick Sincere has covered his stand on drug-law reform here.

4 out of 5 of Sarvis’s key issues are things Jackson has been talking about for six months.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess.

Which begs the question: Is E.W. Jackson the Libertarian nominee Robert Sarvis’s choice for Lieutenant Governor?


4 thoughts on “Robert Sarvis Running for Governor as E.W. Jackson?

  1. First, great minds tend to think alike! Second, Mr. Sarvis is running for Governor , not Lt. Governor so if Cooch wants to be in the this little MENSA group he should start by maybe taking a hint from ‘ol E Dub!! Furthermore, these are GREAT ideas and Sarvis should be praised for being the ONLY candidate for Governor to through these out there.

  2. Obviously Robert Sarvis is making headway in the race or the author would not have bothered to write this article. The only choice for Governor is Sarvis. No baggage attached and with fiscal and social policies that are just right for the times.

  3. Comparing logos, adding a couple screenshots, and citing, which lacks editorial oversight…

    C’mon, really?

    Is Virginia Virtucon a reliable news source… or just a platform to launch demagoguery?

    It’s fairly apparent.

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