Governor McDonnell’s approval ratings tank

According to a new PPP poll in Virginia the Governor’s approval ratings have dropped 12% in the last month.  For the first time his disapproval percentage is higher than his approval percentage, 46% of those polled disapprove of the job he’s doing as Governor while only 36% approve.  That’s a 30% drop in approval ratings from just a few months ago.  At one point McDonnell had the highest approval rating of any Governor in the US, close to 70%!  The Governor’s current favorability numbers are even worse with only 32% viewing him positively while 46% view him negatively.  Only 31% view him as an ethical politician while 45% do not.

The good news for the Governor, ‘only’  35% of the people think that he should resign while 45% believe he should remain in office.

This report also says “McDonnell’s issues could be a liability for the Republican ticket this fall as 31% of voters say they’d be less likely to vote for a candidate backed by him to only 15% that say they’d be more likely to support someone based on his blessing. Among independent voters it’s 29% less likely and 13% more likely.

Tomorrow PPP will release their latest polling on the Virginia races.

The DailyBeast covers how McDonnell’s troubles may effect our candidates in the fall, quoting Tom and Jeannemarie Davis.


13 thoughts on “Governor McDonnell’s approval ratings tank

  1. PPP is the same pollster that had McDonnell at 48% in May when both the Washington Post/ABC News and NBC/Marist polls had him over 60. A third poll, from Rasmussen, in early June, also had McDonnell around 60%. Don’t forget PPP’s built-in bias. They were the outlier. That said, it’s undoubtedly true that McDonnell has taken a hit (how could he not?) How far it goes will be determined by how this thing plays out.

    He really needs to air the dirty laundry as full and as soon as possible. I understand his legal counsel is advising him to basically say nothing, which is why he and his team have done very little in the PR arena. But the public needs *something*.

  2. McDonnell STILL would be the best for the Republicans this year standing next to Cooch and the Bishop… any event, they will all be gone in january

  3. Well have to see. Of course, if you’re concerned about political corruption and lots and lots and lots of campaign $$$, why in the world would you vote for McAwful?

    1. AWESOME twist LL… now you are trying to pin McDonnell’s screw-ups on McAuliffe?????????? NO WAY. If you can pin them on anybody, wouldnt it be Jonnie Williams other buddy………….Mr. Cooch???? He too was filling his wallet from Jonnie’s vault and if McDonnell wasnt in the picture, all the spotlights would now be on Cooch!!!

  4. All I’m saying is that if you’re concerned with the potential for financial corruption then why would you put into office a guy with questionable business dealings, is friends with the Clintons, and who raised a boatload of money for the DNC?

    1. What’s wrong with being “friends with the Clintons”. She may be President during McAuliffe’s term………….likely!! Raising funds = doing a damn good job at his assigned tasks…………Questionable? legal or illegal!!!???

  5. I love when people call EW Jackson “the bishop,” a term he totally invented and gave himself. You have to be a pretty horrible candidate to lose as a Republican in this state, but I think “the bishop” qualifies.

  6. Well, I personally would do a better job of who I pick as my friends. But that’s just me. Whether Hillary or even McAuliffe have a term, time is going to tell (God willing neither on both).

    1. Wish we could have side bets LL……but, get ready……….in my humble and objective opinion, both will be getting elected in 2013 and 2016!!!

  7. Perhaps Herb Hecht would like to do some homework and report back to us on the growing tendency in Black Baptist and nondenominational churches to honor their much admired senior pastors with the title of “bishop,” especially when those pastors have a notable record for outreach beyond the confines of the congregation. Then Mr. Hecht can reconsider his statement that E. W. Jackson “totally invented” the term.

    1. He can call himself Henry VIII, Martin Luther, Genghis Khan……………..he’s still a loser politically and should never had been nominated………

  8. And there’s KR trying to cover for his buddy Herbie, whose pants are around his ankles because, while trying to do a slam on E.W. Jackson, he demonstrated how little that crowd actually knows about African-American culture.

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