Jim Moran Thinks E.W. Jackson Is A Bit Uppity

Oh, Jim Moran. Only in the Democratic Party would you be able to get away with such an asinine statement:

Moran described the other two candidates on the Democratic ticket, saying Herring will “be a terrific attorney general and likewise for Ralph Northam who is running against E.W. Jackson. Where he [Jackson] came from, he needs to go back.

Wow. Just wow. You’d think Moran believes Jackson needs to be reminded of his place…

But what else would you expect from a guy accused of assaulting an 8-year-old?


16 thoughts on “Jim Moran Thinks E.W. Jackson Is A Bit Uppity

  1. Jim Moran is an asshole (my apologies to assholes) and a borderline anti-semite. Not really surprising he has problems with other minorities.

  2. You missed a few all you intellectual giants. Actually Moran is from my hometown and home parish in Buffalo………while he has his share of baggage (when an adult is accused of ‘assaulting an 8-yo’ its usually something sexual). In Moran’s case, he shoved a kid in a parking lot……..still not right but not sexual…….and Bishop Jackson, he is such a loser candidate – probably the worst I ever heard of for a state-wide office, yes, he would do himself a favor….and Republican Party, to go back to where he came from……his parsonage!!!

  3. Moran was born in Buffalo but grew up in Natick, a Boston suburb, and attended high school in Framingham and college at Holy Cross. His daddy played for the old NFL Boston Redskins.

    Is the KR post above some sort of Dem blog trickery, or do they have difficulty getting past the first sentence of a biography?

    1. Whille Rep. Moran has strayed many times, to my humble moderate way of thinking, his basic political philosohpy seems to be more consistent with the liberal Jesuit education that Holy Cross imbues to its graduates. This is not always the case….a certain County leader has a Georgetown degree and i cant believe he learned ANY of his political views at Georgetown!!!

    2. Which biography are you talking about? The “Harry F. Byrd one above starts off with “Moran is an a……!! And i am not necessarily a Democrat. I am a moderate, although i seldom find Republicans who are better fit for office than their oppenonts!!

  4. In both 1988 and 1992? And, supplemental question, have you voted for any Republicans in the past 25 years? If not, can you honestly call yourself a moderate?

    1. One can still be a moderate and vote Democratic all the time – what does one do when the likes of Allen, Gilmore, Romney, Cooch and the good Bishop are on the ballot!!! I did vote for Bush I since i thought Bill was a real dork at the time………..what a wonderful surprise he turned out to be……

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