Clever Way to Confuse Liberals

The Armed Citizen Project has a clever new tactic that will surely yield the “blue screen of death” in the liberal brain. Their method? Pairing two favorite concepts of the left–gun buybacks and redistributionism–in furtherance of (gasp!) individual freedom.

‘We’ve combined Joe Biden’s love of shotguns with Obama’s love of redistribution,’ Armed Citizen Project Executive Director Kyle Coplen told The Daily Caller. ‘At some point, you’ve earned too many guns.’ And when you’ve acquired too many firearms to use, the project buys them back from you and spreads the wealth of guns around so that a higher percentage of households are armed. ‘We see this as a buyback we can believe in, one that removes old and unused firearms from homes of existing gun owners, and uses them to create new responsible gun owners in our own communities.’

Hilarious (and hopefully effective) way to ensure a safer society, while mercilessly mocking those who stand in its way. Very nice. Read more here.


6 thoughts on “Clever Way to Confuse Liberals

  1. You guys are truly wonderful …..the Zim-Trayvon matter was made for Wayne LaPierre………a call to arms for all……………….Trayvon should have had his 38!!! As an aside, i learned at my recent college reunion in upstate new york that Wayne LaPierre IS a fellow alumnus……….The college would prefer not to advertise that fact and as embarassed as i am, i certainly wont name the college on here……….

    1. Thank you. It was a great school………Like in any institution of learning, they’re bad apples in every basket…………….good ole Wayne was 5 years behind me. In fact, before i matured, i was a conservative and even founded the Cardinal Bellarmine Chapter of Young Americans for Freedom on campus, so Wayne and I could have been best friends if he was a little older…………….

  2. So what happened to you, Ken? Did you get a head injury like Jim Brady? HE was a conservative before they removed half his brain.

    1. No Warren, i simply grew up and realized that conservatism simply has a only minor role in our society. At the time of my political maturity, Goldwater headed the Republican/Conservative movement (and i almost voted for him), and LBJ became President……i then realized how wrong my thinking was and have been working for my moderate ideals ever since!!!

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