BIG win for democrats, Scott York, and RINOs in Loudoun!

Tonight the Loudoun Board of Supervisors voted to censure Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, remove him from all committees for the remainder of his term, and remove all funds for his office and staff.  His young aide, who has nothing to do with any allegations against Delgaudio, is out of a job.   Citizens in the Sterling district will now have virtually no representation on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors.

Chairman Scott York has had a vendetta against Eugene Delgaudio since 2007 and all his dreams of removing Delgaudio from the board were close to being realized tonight.  (Ignoring the fact that without Eugene’s support, York would not be chairman of the board because he would never have had the endorsement of Loudoun Republicans.)  York’s sycophants, were right there with him, doing his bidding at every turn.

There were so many gag worthy moments tonight, it’s hard to know where to start.  Was it the smirking and eye rolling by Shaun Williams, Scott York, Ralph Buono and Matt Latourneau whenever Janet Clarke spoke?  Or was it when when York said 7 times “enough is enough”?  Or when he refused to allow Janet Clarke to speak while practically feeding lines to  Shaun Williams?  Or was it when Suzanne Volpe claimed to be doing the work in her district and other districts as well with a voice getting louder and louder as the democrats nodded along with her ridiculous claims?   Or when she said she’d rather slit her wrists than go before another Grand Jury?  Or was it when Ralph Buono said that the board has the right to decide what is due process?  (They don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution!)

The majority of the board had NO problem taking this action against a sitting member of their own board without that member ever having had a day in court.  “Innocent until proven guilty” was thrown out early in the game.  The right to address our accusers was never afforded Supervisor Delgaudio, and none of RINOS on the board cared in the least, despite some of them claiming to have law degrees.  There was no due process, Delgaudio was never allow to present his case nor was his attorney allowed to speak.  Ralph Buono even said that the board has the right to determine what is due process!  Wow.   They wanted an excuse to please the democrats, and the Washington Post, while supporting Scott York in his vendetta.  They found that in the report of the Grand Jury.  Of course the Grand Jury heard NO testimony from Delgaudio or his attorney.  A bunch of anonymous witnesses, with no challenges to their testimony, were taken as gospel by this board of Supervisors.

We have three conservative republicans on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, Geary Higgins, Janet Clarke and Eugene Delgaudio.  The rest are RINOs, at best.  The nearly all democrat audience cheered the RINOS comments throughout the night and rushed to congratulate them at the end of the meeting.

During a particularly gag worthy moment Suzanne Volpe  again claimed to be a conservative, claimed that Eugene Delgaudio taught her most of what she knows about politics, and then went on to say that she often did his work for him serving his constituents in Sterling!  It’s amazing all the hard work she does for everyone!  She’s covering her district and Eugene’s district! Amazing!  Be sure to thank her when you see her.  All of the 6 supervisors who opposed Eugene told us over and over that it wasn’t partisan, it wasn’t personal, and it wasn’t a vendetta.  Really?  Methinks they doth protest too much.  It was all of those things.

Geary Higgins and Janet Clarke were the adults in the room tonight and that won’t be forgotten.  In talking to republicans after the meeting it was very clear that they will not support the RINOs on the board, not with their time or their money.  The three conservatives on the board, Higgins, Clarke, and Delgaudio will receive support from republicans, the others will not.

The metro vote was bad, this vote was worse.  How foolish Shaun Williams, Ralph Buono, Suzanne Volpe, Scott York and Matt Latourneau were in saying that this vote would end any and all discussion of Eugene in the press and the public.  How very, very, naive they are.  Their behavior assures that people will not stop talking and the press will have a field day.  If they really wanted this to end, they would have taken the Grand Jury report, acknowledged that they had some work to do in establishing some rules, and ended any further discussion about Eugene Delgaudio.  Since they refused to do that, they are now facing more subpoenas and a lawsuit.  This will continue to be in the news weekly because of their actions, because of Scott York’s vendetta and his naive sycophants on the board who fear his power over them.  I sure hope he can help re-elect them, because republicans won’t.

If York’s boys (and gal) thought this would destroy Eugene they will be proven very, very, wrong.  Since Eugene Delgaudio will have no ability to pay a staff he will have many volunteers working for him, volunteers who owe nothing to the county, and who Scott York and his boys will have no ability to oversee.  No oversight whatsoever for Delgaudio’s staff.  Knowing Delgaudio, he will work twice as hard for his constituents, with an army of volunteers helping him.

Congratulations to the board, your actions have guaranteed that this story won’t end.  Stay tuned, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Eugene’s not the embarrassment on the board, the six RINOs are.


19 thoughts on “BIG win for democrats, Scott York, and RINOs in Loudoun!

  1. Perhaps these members do not realize this, but under state law the only incumbents in Virginia who get to decide their own methods of nomination are members of the General Assembly. All others – statewide and local office holders – do not. The state, county or city party decides the method in all of those instances.

    At least in PWC there is no corresponding county code provision addressing this. I doubt there is elsewhere.

    1. An ongoing problem in Loudoun is the naivety and general lack of knowledge of this board. Too often they simply believe what Scott York tells them.

      LCRC likes conventions and that’s what we will have. Some members of this board will survive a challenge, some won’t. Some will choose not to run again, which I would completely understand. It’s a very difficult, and often thankless, job. Eugene is very likely to be nominated again. Because of his excellent constituent services, he will win again. If this board should prevail, and force him off the board, they have handed the Sterling seat to democrats forever. Not that any of them would care.

      Unlike the others, Suzanne Volpe has worked hard for the party and should not be characterized as a RINO, although her behavior last night was regrettable. Much like Eugene, she also works hard for her constituents. I wish she was more of a conservative leader on his board as we all thought she would be when elected. Her waffling on metro, refusing to take a position until the last minute, was also very unfortunate. A strong conservative leader would never have behaved that way. At times, her desire play with the ‘big boys’ on the board clouds her judgement and effects her behavior, making it appear that she is something less than a conservative. I would be very pleased to see her finally emerge as a conservative leader on the board, but I’ve seen no indications of that happening.

      Scott York will never again run as a republican, but I fully expect that he will run as an independent. A republican challenger could upset his plans to be King of Loudoun for life.

      The next couple of years of lawsuits and depositions should be interesting. Many of the board members did not enjoy testifying before the Grand Jury and being deposed will be even less fun. Now it goes nuclear. Thanks Boys! You’ve just given the Washington Post fodder for the next two years.

    2. Riley, If you read the last sentence of the very long paragraph, you’ll see that for local offices, an incumbent who filed for a primary in the last election, even if no primary was actually held, essentially gets to choose the method of nomination.

  2. The grand jury report was improper and never should have been issued. It should not have been used as evidence of wrongdoing. The grand jury report is a serious breach of Mr. Delguadio’s rights under the law. You can’t have a jury refuse to indict but then issue a laundry list of complaints about an elected representative including the complaint that Mr. Delgaudio needed to pay more attention to constituent services.

  3. Don’t you all see that Delgaudio brought this on to himself? Do you think an All Republican Board would look good just sweeping this under the rug and defend one of its own members? You would have No republicans left on this board in 2015 and then all your taxes would go up with Democrat leadership.

  4. What difference will it make? An all democrat board would have voted for metro taking BILLIONS out of our pockets, pleasing the same developers. An all democrat board would have done the same thing to Delgaudio. The board said they couldn’t support one of their own who behaved badly. On that point we can agree. I will not support republicans who behave badly.

  5. “I will not support republicans who behave badly.” Hahaha, LL you are in as much denial as Delgaudio is. What a classic quote. Fascinating.

    I’ll be very very surprised if the LCRC doesn’t do the right thing and find a new Republican to be the Sterling Supervisor.

    Delgaudio has been caustic to himself and is certainly caustic to those who are oblivious to the reality of what happened over the last year. A reality that culminated in a glorious event last night as Eugene finally ran out of rope.

    1. You would be wrong, as usual. But don’t worry, it’s rare for any democrat to accurately predict what the LCRC will do. Republicans in Loudoun and Sterling are firmly in Eugene’s camp.

      Like I said, you democrats are gleeful about the outcome. That might give you a clue how republicans feel. duh.

  6. I know for a fact that it is possible to find Delgaudio at least a bit of an embarrassment without being a RINO. In fact, I think being a Republican makes him seem all the more bizarre and worrisome because of concern that people might, by label association, think that he is in some way representative of the Republican Party or of those of us who tend to associate our civil, political and policy views with positions of the Party over the years.

    As used so freely in the post, is a “RINO” someone who took positions opposed to Delgaudio? Or is there some other context?

    1. People who vote to take $6.2 BILLION from taxpayers is a pretty good definition. Or those who vote to please democrats and the Washington Post.

  7. sounds pretty school-yardy to me. Could you be a bit more specific in the context of the Delgaudio issues? Did these guys say that they were trying to “please democrats” and/or the Washington Post. That would surprise me. If they didn’t say it, how do you know that that was the motivation. Might they have been trying to shelter both the Board and the Republican Party against being associated with Mr. Delgaudio?

    1. They sure weren’t trying to make any republicans happy, other than Scott York who has been out to get Eugene since at least 2007. The republican party in Loudoun county fully supports Eugene Delgaudio. If you want evidence of that, please attend the LCRC meeting on Monday night.

  8. LL do you have any idea how small you are trying to make the LCRC?

    Where were “all” the LCRC Eugene supporters during public comment? Two paid speakers for Eugene, and the caustic Greg Stone. Then I’ll give you Stevens Miller and Eugene. I would not call that “full support”. At the direction you are going you might have to let Miller in so you get a quorum.

    Why didn’t LaRock get up there and support Eugene? He was there. Why didn’t Whitbeck get up there and support Eugene? He was there too. Other than a few cowards silently watching the slaughter Eugene had no support.

    Eugene is politically dead.

    1. If wishes were horses you’d have your own cavalry.

      I understand that you democrats are positively gleeful at the thought of having Sterling in your column permanently. Don’t count your eggs before they chicken out.

  9. LL: I was not aware (although I only pass through and don’t live there) that things were so bad for Republicans in Sterling that Eugene was their only or primary hope. I would have thought that there might be several thousand less bizarre personalities who could easily represent the Party as a candidate for the Board. Why is Sterling so depleted a district for Republicans, as opposed to other areas of the County?

    1. I have no doubt that Sterling has many fine republicans but none of them will provide the support that Eugene gives the community. His constituent services are second to none. That’s why he wins, over and over and over.

  10. Scout you have hit on the perineal thought. There has to be more ethical Republicans in Sterling! Especially with the bar set so low.

    When a small player like LL sees no alternative one must wonder, why?

    What needs to happen is for the rational members of the LCRC to step forward and sponsor a legimate conservative for Sterling. Someone who is not sifting cash from the position for personal gain. Apparently LL and her small cabel is unable to grasp the concept of ethical representation.

    The good news is I think LL is in the minority and we will see legitimate change in Sterling. Thank God.

  11. LL, I take issue with your claim that Delgaudio is second to none in constituent services. That is a great myth promoted by Delgaudio. Frankly, it’s the only rally cry his supports can cling to in attempt to excuse his ethical challenges. It’s not true. It certainly has been revealed Delgaudio’s interest is in dealing with only constituents who can give him money.

    Incredible that he has done nothing to get the Sterling Library built. He shows no interest in revitalizing the community center, and the fire and rescue station is still a wreck.

    Sterling needs someone who can handle these pressing needs.

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