Big Cuccinelli Event Monday

Click here for more details of the town hall-style event, to be held at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center at 7:00 PM on Monday the 22nd.

Have a question for Ken? Want to hear all about his tax proposals, and his plans for boosting job growth while cutting back on the kind of crony capitalism that Terry McAuliffe thrives on? Or maybe you want to hear about how Ken will have destroyed Terry in their first debate (scheduled for tomorrow)? Then come on out and be prepared for a great event, up close and personal with our next Governor.


4 thoughts on “Big Cuccinelli Event Monday

  1. I would love to see Ken destroy McAuliffe but I think the ‘Moderator’ is Judy Woodruff. You don’t for one minute think that there will be any examination of the many ethics investigations in Terry’s past, but WILL be lots of curiosity about abortion and homosexual acts.

  2. There can be no question of that. Well, who knows? Cuccinelli is a formidable candidate, so anything is possible.

  3. How do you explore ethics in a debate? A debate is where candidates exchange views on policy positions. Both candidates will have to defend lapses in their pasts in other contexts, but the identity of the moderator is relevant only in that the good ones will keep the participants focussed on policy. I also doubt that there will be any discussion of “homosexual acts”? Why would that even come up. There may, however, be some discussion (entirely legitimate) about what the role of the state government should be in regulating or differentiating between citizens of particular sexual preferences. That has been very much in the news lately.

    Cuccinelli is an excellent debater. This is something at which he excels. I doubt that McAuliffe has anything in his experience that can help him stand even in a debate setting with Cuccinelli.

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