Loudoun County Republicans Love Eugene Delgaudio!

Just as republicans in the General Assembly grossly underestimated republican outrage after their vote for the largest tax increase in the history of the Commonwealth, so did the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors underestimate republican outrage over their vote on Wednesday night to censure one of their own, Eugene Delgaudio, and remove the funds to run his office.  The outrage was felt tonight during the monthly meeting of Loudoun County Republicans.  Approximately 90% of those in attendance wore stickers supporting Eugene Delgaudio.  Senator Dick Black gave a speech (see below) in support of Supervisor Delgaudio which was interrupted many times with applause.  Tenth District Chairman John Whitbeck was also supporting Eugene Delgaudio as was our Commissioner of the Revenue, Bob Wertz.  The only other elected officials in the attendance were Supervisors Ken Reid and Geary Higgins.

After spending the weekend making calls trying to garner support for the board’s action against Delgaudio, Suzanne Volpe was not successful and did not attend the meeting.  Shawn Williams was the surrogate for Scott York and the board members who voted against Delgaudio.  He gave a rather insulting speech, telling us, again, to read the report issued by the Grand Jury.  Why would he assume that we hadn’t read the report?  Most of us read it as soon as it was released.  Like the others on the board who are against Delgaudio,  Williams implied that we were just too stupid to understand what they had done.  Outrageous.  We’ve all read the Grand Jury Report.  It doesn’t matter because as Dick Black said, a Grand Jury can and will indict a Ham Sandwich because they only hear one side of the story.  And yet even a Grand Jury couldn’t find reason to indict Delgaudio who has never had an opportunity to defend himself against nebulous accusations by unknown people.  The Board of Supervisors gave him no opportunity to do that.   There was never due process.  Supervisor Ralph Buona even went so far to as to say that they don’t no need stinkin’ due process!  The board will decide what is due process!   Eugene Delgaudio was never allowed to confront his accusers.  He was never permitted to defend himself.  Why?  Because the board doesn’t want to hear his side.  The truth may well prevent them from their pre-determined course of action.  Three things drove the Board’s vote against Eugene, Scott York’s vendetta against Eugene that goes back many, many years, the democrats in Loudoun who hate Eugene, and the Washington Post.   Those are three, completely unacceptable reasons for their actions.

Supervisor Ralph Buona said he never wants to see this issue again in the press.  By their actions, the board of supervisors has guaranteed that the issue will not die.  It will be in the press for months, right through the election.  It could have ended with the Grand Jury finding that Eugene had nothing illegal and there would be no indictment.  Because Scott York can’t let his vendetta go, he convinced 5 other very naive, sycophant, board members to along with him, ensuring that ALL our republican candidates in November, and beyond, will be tainted by this issue. It’s only just begun.

A resolution was proposed tonight at the LCRC meeting that stated the following, but it was not voted on because the meeting was a few short members of a quorum.  It will be presented next month and will pass easily.  The overwhelming sentiment in the room supported Eugene Delgaudio.  The resolution reads:

>>>Be It Resolved:

We the Loudoun County Republican Committee respectfully request the board of Supervisors to reconsider censuring Delgaudio and

We respectfully request the board to reconsider removing Delgaudio from all committees,

We respectfully request the board to reconsider removing the district staff of Supervisor Delgaudio.

Finally, we respectfully request the board to give Delgaudio specific charges and Supervisor Delgaudio and has lawyer Charles King be given an opportunity to present his defense.  <<<

The full text of remarks by Senator Black:

Statement of Senator Dick Black re:  Supervisor Delgaudio

Presented to the Loudoun County Republican Committee

July 22, 2013


Most of you know that I go to great lengths to be supportive of the Board of Supervisors and to stay out of their business, but tonight, I would like to comment on an issue, simply as a member of this committee.

After Supervisor Delgaudio was cleared by a grand jury, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to censure him anyway, and they took away the staff that serves all the citizens of Sterling Park.

I’m uneasy about taking action against anyone who’s been cleared after a six-month grand jury investigation.  But I especially hope the Board will reconsider its actions that appear directed against the citizens of Sterling Park I think it’s reasonable for Sterling voters to ask, “What have we done to deserve punishment by the Board of Supervisors?

Sterling Park elected Eugene four times.  He’s got a reputation for giving some of the best constituent service in the county.  In the wintertime, he’s been known to personally shovel snow to dig out seniors who were snowed in.  He replaces faded American flags to spruce up his neighborhoods.

I understand there’s a squabble over some phone calls and an employee who was disgruntled over certain things.  But to say that somebody would have broken the law if only the law had been different seems really odd to me.  We’re only required to obey laws as they are written; not as some private citizen on a grand jury wishes they had been drafted.  That’s why our constitution prohibits ex post facto laws.  It says you can’t change the law after the fact in order to make somebody guilty of a crime.  We just don’t do that in America.

Look, Eugene makes sure his working-class district isn’t forgotten.  I get his emails and I can tell you he keeps his people up to date on everything that happens, from crime to weather to community events.  He fights against taxes, because they endanger people on fixed incomes.  He voted against density packing that hurts his district.  He voted against Metro because he worried about the financial impact it might have on his residents—many of whom have little leeway in their budgets to handle major tax hikes.  He also fought for traditional family values, because that’s what his voters want him to do.  His positions don’t sit well with certain special interest groups, and those votes didn’t endear him to everyone on the Board.  But he represented the people who elected him and he kept his campaign promises a lot better than most people did.

Let me close with a couple of thoughts:  First, as a career prosecutor, I deeply believe in the presumption of innocence.  That means you don’t punish people we exonerate.  There’s an old saying that a grand jury “can indict a ham sandwich.”  That’s because the defendant doesn’t have a voice in a grand jury—the jury only hears one side of the case.  The special prosecutor in this matter was a Democrat who had the personal integrity to drop the case after an exhaustive grand jury investigation.  I don’t know why we can’t do the same.

Second, I have no vote in this matter, but if I did, I would not vote for punitive action against someone who successfully weathered a six-month grand jury investigationAnd I certainly would not vote to fire Eugene’s aide and deprive Sterling Park of their right to full and proper representation.  The Board’s responsible for making this decision, not me.  But I respectfully encourage the Board to carefully reexamine its decision regarding Supervisor Delgaudio before moving forward with these actions.  I just feel it’s the right thing to do for Sterling citizens.<<<

It is the right thing to do!

UPDATE:  An excellent post on this subject here.


21 thoughts on “Loudoun County Republicans Love Eugene Delgaudio!

  1. You might take a look at today’s Washington Times. In an article about the Cuccinelli/McAuliffe debate, McAuliffe lays out the exact strategy used against Mr. Delgaudio. Was it a dry run?

  2. This is going to continue to be fascinating political theater, just like Delgaudio wants it. All about the big show and not about the facts; nothing about governance; nothing about a new library for Sterling, nothing about a new community center for Sterling, nothing about repairs and enhancements to the Sterling Fire and Rescue. All about Delgaudio and not about ethics or the real mission of civic business.

    A frivolous lawsuit guaranteed to get the same ruling King got from Judge Horne last week; all for nothing other than pandering for pity. Looks like it is working based upon the unwavering, unanimous support the thief is getting from the LCRC. If Bob Wertz is supporting this soon to pass resolution of support then I would imagine the ink is almost dry on the soon to be released resolution of public chastising of the entire Republican BOS. Fascinating to say the least.

    Never put it past the LCRC zealots to establish new and wondrous qualities for their vaunted leaders.

    Why do I get the picture the LCRC is turning into one grand caricature of a well crafted Delgaudio carnival newsletter?

  3. Did anyone at the LCRC ask Delgaudio why he lied about using the Igor list calls to raise cash for the Lower Loudoun Boys Football League? Funny how he no longer uses LLBFL as an alibi.

    And oh damn, Delgaudio chirped about the LLBFL all over the press six months ago. Whoops.

  4. haha, wrong about the LCRC? Are you kidding, I in no way was surprised. Now what we’ll have to see is if that wacky resolution passes when you get enough people there. It will be very interesting to see that thing published in the press.

    I was surprised to see Bob Wertz be such a cheerleader for the thief.

  5. Further, must have been a bunch of cowards at the LCRC meeting. Why didn’t they show up at the BOS meeting when it was on the agenda and demand respect for Delgaudio? Heck even the zealots that were at the BOS meeting didn’t stand up and speak for him.

  6. BlackOut’s obsessive hate just continues and continues. The fellow lives in a very small world. He and “Satchmo.”

  7. LL, admittedly I come at this from 1) an eeevil RINO perspective and 2) outside of Loudoun County, but what exactly *is* it that you all love about Eugene? He seems like a bad joke. Is that really who you want to be the face of the Republican Party? I’ve heard the sentiments about the Democrats wanting Eugene to go so they can “permanently take Sterling”, but what kind of district is Sterling if the only Republican who can win is Eugene? He’s not exactly a guy with crossover appeal. I’d think any half-way decent GOPer in the right environment could do as well or better. You say he votes the right way, but any GOPer could vote the right way. Indeed there are others on the board you have no beef with – which suggests you could find someone to replace Eugene who’d vote as you like.

    I just don’t understand the love of this guy. Unless, I suppose you share his “anti-homosexual” agenda, whatever that means. I guess then you’d at least have a rational reason to get behind him.

    1. Because he causes emotional distress in progressives.

      If Eugene is driving them crazy, it drains resources that could be used elsewhere.

      I love the guy.

    2. Eugene Delgaudio is nothing but a clown. When Republicans put forth people like him as their representatives, it doesn’t stir up progressives except in the sense that a good joke stirs us to laughter.

      Really, run him again. Get him all the national exposure you can. Let people see who you think is representative of you.

      Where would late night comedy be without you clowns?

  8. You are missing the point. He is an elected official, after a fair election. This Board cannot act to undermine an election and the will of the people willy nilly, arbitrarily and capriciously, without due process, without fairly examining the facts, without giving Eugene fair notice of the EXACT charges against him. Eugene should have been allowed to have witnesses testify on his behalf and be represented by counsel if he so chose. The Board’s rush to judgment based on no findings of any facts by anyone–the Board made no official findings of fact, the GJ did not find facts and only made recommendations based on speculation/worry for abuse of the system– , no fair notice to Eugene, no fair process is a horrible precedent, and hurts the people who elected Eugene. So this Board thinks they can punish someone with no findings, just speculation and accusation that the fellow member is not allowed to defend? The definition of arbitrary and capricious is abuse of legislative power, which is exactly what this board did–they abused their power in punishing Eugene based on no findings, no opportunity for fair notice of the exact accusations against Eugene (only anonymous speculation/secret testimony leaked to the public or suggested in the “report”), and they abused their power in not allowing Eugene a process where he could call witnesses to explain, and where he could be assisted by counsel. This Board thinks they can make any rules they want– they are wrong — they must act fairly, hearing both sides, with fair rules.

  9. You know what. I now think it would be fabulous if the all GOP board overturned their unanimous censure of the buffoon. In fact I think a full 31 witness parade in public view would be cathartic for everyone. Bring it on! I can’t think of a more revealing and entertaining event.

    Good thing the board is on vacation in August. A show like this needs to wait until the fall when everyone is back in town. Heck that’s election season. Perfect!!

    Let us see for ourselves the stumbling preacher man and his blathering denial non denial. Let’s hear what Volpe was so afraid of becoming open public knowledge. I am certain Delgaudio will relish the exposure. Damn the dirty laundry. It will be a survival game. Who makes it out alive Delgaudio, the Supervisors, the LCRC, or justice. Ah heck it doesn’t matter. Think of the TV ratings.

    I am emailing my supervisor now. I encourage all to do the same. Let us see what the grand jury saw in all it’s splendor.

  10. How many members have to be present for a quorum, LL? How many short of a quorum were they? How many voters are there in Loudoun County? I assume we’re not talking about an avalanche of popular sentiment here.

  11. Oh contraire nova scout the famous blogger Lovettesville Lady has all but assured a LCRC declaration in support of a turnover of the board vote and a demand for due process. It apparently is already in the works and cued up for final and close to unanimous approval. The language has already been agreed to by exactly 90% of those in attendance at this months meeting. See above for the details.

    We must have this document in support of the sure to be destructive and pending public airing of the finding found within the five month GJ.

  12. I was trying to get at some sense of order of magnitude on numbers. If this resolution didn’t belch out because the LCRC was just a tad under the quorum requirement, how many stalwart Rs are we talking about? What is the smallest number of Committee members it would take to pass a resolution supporting Delgaudio compared to the number of voters (even R voters) in either Sterling or Loudoun?

  13. Cato — You are spot on. Delgaudio drives these progs absolutely crazy. (Not that they really needed the help.)

  14. Some of these “republicans” are going to have some explainin’ to do at reelection time. Seems they aren’t so familiar with the law as they need to be, and we can run better candidates who do understand the process.
    Delguadio was cleared by a Grand Jury, AND a democrat who this matter was handed to.
    Screw you vendetta-driven idiots , because even when a Jury clears someone, you cannot fathom the FACTS , and tend to manufacture your own.

  15. Damn Monk another Judge just screwed up your perception of justice. Must suck to be you these days. Haha.

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