Terry McAuliffe Can’t Count To Four…

Dem nominee for VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s plans for improving transportation include widening a four-lane road to . . . four-lanes? EPIC FAIL.

No wonder McAuliffe campaign worker Evan Feinman said:

When he becomes Governor, Terry and his team will review all proposed transportation projects and evaluate them according to metrics related to economic development, congestion relief, safety, the needs of related communities, and smarter growth plans . . . Terry believes that, as he’s campaigning, it would become counterproductive to start picking and choosing projects to support or oppose for the most part. Terry is someone who says what he means, and in the debate he was simply stating that he wants to see Virginia’s exports grow from our world class airport and seaport, and will support well crafted policies that further that goal.

Translation: McAuliffe can’t be specific because he doesn’t have a clue about Virginia or solutions for its transportation problems


4 thoughts on “Terry McAuliffe Can’t Count To Four…

  1. Too funny! Well, sorta. Funny on one level — sad on another. I am really hoping that Ken comes out on top!

  2. @RolfHawkins. For just one example, one of Terry McAuliffes quotes is, “You help me, I’ll help you. That’s politics.” My crossword today offered a similar clue. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. The correct answer was ‘cronyism’. That describes McAuliffe perfectly.

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