Democrats Beg For Laws To Police Themselves

Otherwise, how else are we supposed to expect them to remain ethical?

That’s the only logical explanation for Blue Virginia and the Democrat Party of Virginia to take issue with E.W. Jackson’s suggestion that elected officials hold themselves accountable and that the electorate look to elect ethical politicians.

Jackson’s point is absolutely right – people who want to do wrong and abuse the system for personal gain are going to find a way to do so no matter what the rules are. We should seek out and expect better of our elected officials, not just rely on new laws and legal hurdles to keep them honest.

But when you’re the party of Terry McAuliffe, Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner, and others of the same ilk, well, you need ethics rules to save you from yourself…


6 thoughts on “Democrats Beg For Laws To Police Themselves

  1. If one is to imply guilt by association (Weiner, Filner, McAuliffe)…then one must also accept the guilt by association of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfled……and who in these analogies are the worst…….certainly not Hans Filner or Anthony Pecker…or slick Terry!!)…………

    1. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld screwed up everything they touched….call them ethical if you wish…….Ethical Dick sent billions to his ethical former company for many of the ethical war bills. BUT PLEASE don’t put Carlos Danger Weiner’s name in the same sentence as Terry McAuliffe’s!!! That’s almost the same stretch as saying Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were ethical!!!!

    1. As a businessman Monk, you should know better than to give Cheney a pass for the billions in contracts that went to the company where he was CEO before joining the committee to pick a vp…….hohoho…….did you ever hear of trust arrangements and sweetheart contracts under the radar after he got out of office……….and deals for daughters!!! who’se the dumbass!!!! hohoho

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