Virtucon Named To PWC Board Enemies List

According to The Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince William County blog, Virginia Virtucon has been named alongside the aforementioned site as well as two other conservative blogs, The Derecho and Black Velvet Bruce Li, to the county government’s “enemies list.”  The ironic thing is our county board is nominally a 6 Republican, 2 Democrat board yet it is four center-right blogs that are being targeted.

The Sheriff writes:

There is a “blogger enemies list” that was the subject of a recent discussion among top level county staffers who were charged with organizing a counter-attack against bloggers with recruits who would disparage the content of the blogs that are critical of issues their champions promote, or to praise their mentors as being champions of the people.

. . .

The purported strategy of the anti-bloggers is to attack both the credibility of the bloggers, and to concurrently flood friendly blogs with negative messages about any other candidates that may be thinking about jumping into the race for Chairman.  On the targeted blogs, the strategy is to hammer the comments sections to offset the legitimate views expressed by commoners.

Apparently, I hold the distinction of being a double-target based upon the paragraph that follows.

The attacks on Pete Candland have already started because Candland is viewed as the most significant threat to their jobs, and they are preparing to fight the likes of Jim Riley, Jeanine Lawson, Jeff Frederick, and Mayor Ernie Porter.  None of them are viewed as friendly to the current top staffers.

For the record, this is the first that I’ve heard that I might be considering a run for county chairman.

Maybe if these staff did their jobs properly instead of spending their time making up enemies lists and strategizing how to fight county residents whose only sin is paying attention they wouldn’t be making all of the financial errors they have been.

They want to engage me and others in a battle?  I say bring it on.  Our ideas for reforming government will defeat their dinosaur old-boy network any day.


11 thoughts on “Virtucon Named To PWC Board Enemies List

  1. Wow. I’m quite sure the majority of the Loudoun County board of supervisors would also place this blog on their enemies list and our board is ALL republicans, 9-0. Pathetic.

    1. Does that make you a closet Democrat LL? Congratulations..i always thought you are an enlightened citizen!!! Your friend, Ken (aka Heartbleed in dale City)

  2. Jim,

    I applaud you for holding elected officials accountable. Keep up the good investigative and informative work. We are supposed to represent our constituents, keep our constituents informed, govern based on transparency, and always keep in the forefront that we are public servants. Too many elected officials give the impression that they are above the residents, rather the serve the public from which they were elected.

    Jerry Foreman
    Mayor, Town of Dumfries

  3. I can tell you at least one elected official that gives the impression he is above the residents, Milt Johns. Chairman Johns, if you are reading this please pay attention to what your constituents are saying: NO POOLS IN SCHOOLs!!!

  4. if the county wasn’t spending so many millions of dollars on the immigrant check (we are one of two counties in Virginia and one of 39 jurisdictions in the usa) we could put swimming pools in ALL the schools!!!!

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