House. Republicans. Don’t. Get. It.

The moment I saw the headline of this Corner post (House GOP Strikes Food Stamps Pact), my heart sank. After reading said post, it’s still “underwater.”

Now, to be fair, the “pact” – which is in fact a policy idea that hasn’t yet been run through the entire caucus – isn’t bad. Essentially, it restores the 1990s welfare-reform requirements on food stamps for able-bodied adults without children (work 20 hours a week, or be limited to three months of aid every three years). The numbers folks say it could save about $20 billion (although I think that’s over multiple years).

However, and I can’t say this enough, any attempt to deal with the recent explosion in food stamps without addressing the market-distorting farm policies is merely treating the symptoms while the disease runs unchecked. So long as the government continues with policies that drive up the price of sugar, milk, corn, and everything fed on corn (i.e., meat), more people will need government assistance than would be the case in a true free market for food.

Whatever one thinks of the particular policy change (and, again, I think it has some merit), any farm/food-stamp bill that doesn’t get rid of Pitchfork Corporatism still says the same thing to suburban and urban consumers: Drop Dead.

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4 thoughts on “House. Republicans. Don’t. Get. It.

  1. Just another statement by the Loser Party!! good job losers….if anyone saw Lawrence O’Donnell this week, he commented on Rush’s 25th anniversary as a talk-show person and how he set out to wreck the republican party. Well, Lawrence gave Rush a ‘congratulations and mission accomplished’ award!!! Way to go guys……….the sad thing though is that our democracy does need at least two viable parties…not one and a bunch of losers in the opposition party…..

  2. Democrats love to talk about Rush, almost as much as they love to talk about abortions. That’s ok. We’ll keep talking about the issues.

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