War on Women

Liberals like to pretend Ken Cuccinelli and other conservatives engage in a “war on women,” when in fact the opposite is true. (See here for just one tiny example).

Likewise, when it comes to self-defense, conservatives are clearly on the side of women–equalizing the natural advantages of male criminals and aggressors by arming women to protect themselves and defend their homes and children. By contrast, paternalistic and condescending liberal pols like Joe “Just shoot your shotgun in the air” Biden and Nurse Bloomberg want women in a perpetual state of need for a powerful male figure to come save them, be it via the vile “Julia” model whereby the daddy state takes care of females from cradle to grave with lavish welfare benefits, or through their scare-tactic campaign against guns.

When it comes to Second Amendment rights, “There exists a subtle misogyny used in the messaging of anti-gun groups, keeping women dependent on others to provide their protection, when our nation’s constitution makes clear they have the right to provide this protection for themselves,” says Kyle Coplen of the Armed Citizen Project. His group is taking this issue head-on, and in the process is undermining twisted liberal feminist pieties about the role of the government in the place of strong, independent women.

According to Breitbart News, the Houston-based group says it will sponsor a “National Empowerment Day” aimed at training and arming 500 single mothers and other women across the country. They’re raising funds to purchase suitable shotguns, and to train these women (typically from high crime areas) in the safe handling, firing, and storage of the weapons so that they may take ownership of their own destinies, instead of relying on the police, their neighbors, their fathers, boyfriends, or spouses. Read more here.

Good for them. And good for women.


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  1. Easy disposal of abusive husbands as well.
    Where should they be kept for easy access? Near the stove?

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