Democrats Running Walter Mitty-Like Candidate For Delegate

Michael Futrell, the Democrats’ nominee for the 2nd Dist. House of Delegates seat currently held by Del. Mark Dudenhefer, appears to suffer from some sort of a Walter Mitty complex.

Take this campaign flier for example where he claims to be a “lifelong educator”:

MTF Flier

and this video where he talks about a girl who was a senior in high school that he taught:

Yet, his own resume shows he was a teacher for less than a year and only taught 5th and 6th grades.  So much for being a lifelong educator who would have taught a high school senior

MTF LinkedIn

I take great offense at someone trying to pass himself off as a lifelong teacher when he is not and to do so in order to score political points is even worse.  My mother was a college professor for over 40 years at a community college and my wife has been a public elementary school teacher for nearly 20 years, so I know what real lifelong educators are.  (He better not be lying about his work as a pharmaceutical representative, because my dad was one of those for 40 years…)

Then there is this from his “Make The Future” organization website:

Make The Future began with a summer basketball camp in 2010 when Coach Mike and Dr.Bernadine noticed the alarming childhood obesity rates in Prince William County. Armed with the knowledge from being a former professional and college athlete along with a doctorate in education, the two put together a summer program that became the essence of what Make The Future would become. (emphasis added)

(You will have to highlight the text on the website in order to read it, *spoilers* I guess…)

The only Mike Futrell who appears to have at least been a college athlete is definitely not the one running for delegate.


So, Michael Futrell isn’t a lifelong educator, didn’t teach high school seniors, and apparently was not a college or professional athelete for which there are any records.

If we can’t believe him about what he says about himself, how can voters trust him about anything else?

And this is all after Futrell was called out for plagiarizing his original campaign web site.

Where do Democrats find these guys?


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  1. So you hope the resume embellishing, plagiarizer liberal Democrat wins? Dudenhefer voted against the Obamacare expansion, for personhood, and was on the pro gun side of every vote in the House while representing a 59% Obama district. Lets kick him to the side over one vote, great idea.

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