Boyd Marcus Endorses McAuliffe, Threatens To Advise Him

GOP consultant / big crybaby Boyd Marcus has announced he is endorsing Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor and will advise his campaign.

T-Mac would be wise to say “thanks, but no thanks” given Marcus’ recent track record — Bill Bolling 2013 and George Allen 2012 just to name a few.

If Marcus thinks he’ll earn some quick bucks off this race, he very well might, but he’ll never work in the VA GOP again.  We’ll make sure that any candidate who hires him going forward will be tarred and feathered for doing so.  He will be so radioactive that no one will want to touch him.


14 thoughts on “Boyd Marcus Endorses McAuliffe, Threatens To Advise Him

    1. Maybe Boyd Marcus…..whoever he is…..has seen the light and the slow steady demise of the Republican Party, both in Virginia and nationally!!

    1. Let us pray that Bolling stays out…….we are having enough fun with the current “slate” of candidates for state-wide office: Cooch, Bishop, Obey…..whatta team……………you folks sure didnt follow Jindal’s advice………..

  1. The slow steady demise of the GOP…..just like the slow steady demise of the Democrat party 8 years ago? The same GOP with a House majority and 30 governorships? 1,000+ State Senators and 2,700+ State Representatives nationwide? Of course, this is not to mention the edge in the VA State Senate and a commanding majority of 67 in the House of Delegates. But yes, the GOP is in decline (rolls eyes). Bottom line, there is always going to be a constituency that believes in limited government, lower taxes, and less intrusion in every aspect of life. The GOP would do well to continue to include it.

  2. Wasn’t he already radioactive after his series of failures? Probably not — political consultants seem to have 9 lives or more.

  3. Marcus msut be padding his resume to apply for a job as a ‘Conservative’ Commentator at MSNBC. Similiar to the initiation of a new gang member being forced to mug his grandmother to prove loyalty to the hood.

    Good riddins.

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