Good News for Cuccinelli from the QPac Poll

A Quinnipiac University poll out earlier this week showed Terry McAuliffe leading Ken Cuccinelli by 6 points among likely voters, 48-42.  Scratch a little deeper than that, though, and you find some pretty good news for Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli LEADS among independent voters, 44-42.

Cuccinelli LEADS on honesty and trustworthiness, 42-39.

Cuccinelli LEADS on having the right experience to be governor, 56-46 (does not add up to 100% because this reflects those voters who say both candidates possess the right experience.)
Then, there is the partisan breakdown of the poll:

Republican 23%
Democrat 30
Independent 39
Other/DK/NA 8

However damaged the GOP-brand may be, there is no way that Republicans will comprise only 23% of the electorate on Election Day, particularly in an off-year election where President Obama is not on the ballot and he could not even get the LG nomination for a former member of his own administration in a low-turnout Democratic primary back in June.  With McAuliffe holding a 6-point lead in this poll and Democrats having a 7% advantage in representation here (with McAuliffe carrying Democrats 92-1), that amounts to a wash.

In the 2009 election, the partisan ID was 37R / 33D / 30I. Even in the 2012 election, the partisan ID was 32R / 39D / 29I, which was a slight IMPROVEMENT for the GOP over the 2008 election.

The only troubling indicator is the 6% of self-professed Republicans who say they will vote for McAuliffe over Cuccinelli.  To you I say, just be honest with yourselves and the rest of the voters here in Virginia.  You’re RINOs.  Go join your local Democratic committee.  If you need help, just contact Boyd Marcu$.


14 thoughts on “Good News for Cuccinelli from the QPac Poll

    1. Reynolds, Cuccinelli had a number of legislative accomplishments as a leader in the conservative caucus in our legislature. Cooch also has done an excellent job as AG. Aside from leaving his wife and newborn in a parked car to attend a Democrat schmooze-fest, what exactly has Terry boy done? Oh wait …
      Gotten involved in sending jobs to China,
      Started his own version of Enron,
      Engaged in party-hackery for the Clintons,
      Never held a real job in his life aside from the inside-job/thefts that he has gotten through political connects

      You are slipping Reynolds, you used to have at least a fig leaf of plausible deniability regarding your party affiliation … you have really jumped the shark recently. You are a run of the mill Democrat Troll boy, and not much else. Yaaawwnn!

    2. Sorry for my disappointing you Robert… a Moderate, I try to look for the TRUTH and see all those negative factors you mentioned about Terry in Cooch’es resume……Cooch has NOT in my humble opinion done anything in the AG Office except stir up costly lawsuits that have not been in the mainstream of his constituents interests. Terry has, on the other hand, been engaged in various business and political management endeavors and has been very successful at them…

    3. “Terry has, on the other hand, been engaged in various business and political management endeavors and has been very successful at them”
      Are you for real? TM is nothing but a political fund raiser, his business dealing are under investigation – It appears Terry was not only dishonest in his insider dealing he was also shipping jobs to China. If you are pointing to TM’s business dealing as his strong point then you are desperate.

  1. He has a lot of substance, frankly. I would argue he has more than McAluiffe does. McAluiffe is a fundraiser, friend of the Clintons, and a sleeze to boot. We’ll see about the poll — it’s one poll and it’s August and there’s a lot of time left before November, and the voters are just now starting to get around to paying attention. It has the potential to be a closely run thing. To the GOP/conservative/Tea Party base, I say, YOU HAVE NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO STAY HOME THIS NOVEMBER!!

  2. Don’t forget. Democrats are more likely to say they are going to show up on election day even if they are not. Republicans, being a more honest sort, tell the truth when asked if they will actually show up.

    1. Is that what we are reduced to, Dave? If so, Cuccinelli might as well begin making his post-government career preparations, as it’s pretty well over.

      I’d love to be as upbeat as Riley apparantly is, but I remember all the poll nonsense we went through last fall, and it’s important to note that Cuccinelli hasn’t convincingly led since May and was only over 50% that one time (that same poll). It’s not like this is that out there.

  3. I think the most likely scenario is that the polls that show McAuliffe up by 2 or 3 points are the most accurate out there right now, and this particular one is a little bit of an outlier. I do have trouble believing that only 23% of the electorate will be Republican on Election Day, but the Republican number in this poll may be reduced (and the Independent number inflated, especially since Cuccninelli leads among Independents by a small amount) by the fact that a fairly significant percentage of TEA Party voters call themselves Independents rather than Republicans.

  4. “Terry has, on the other hand, been engaged in various business and political management endeavors and has been very successful at them…”

    If I may be plain, that’s a load of liberal bilge.

    1. Your polite comment “liberal bilge” masks the true difference between Cooch and Terry………Terry is a pro…………Cooch is a demagogue!!!! Res Ipsa liquitur

  5. That 6% of “Republicans” voting for McAuliffe ought to be encouraged – forcefully if necessary – to leave the party. They are the same group who causes trouble by demanding the GOP adopt left-wing policy after policy.

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