McAuliffe for Gov., DPVA and GreenTech’s Incestuous Relationship has connected the dots between Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign, his car company known as GreenTech that is now the focus of an SEC probe, and the Democratic Party of Virginia.  The latest in this parade is Virtucon’s old pal Levar “Slasher” Stoney that we have been chronicling since 2010.

What is news here is that Stoney, who previously served as DPVA’s executive director and is now McAuliffe’s deputy campaign manager, also served as GreenTech’s director of public and government affairs.

Stashing campaign operatives during the political off-season is not unusual. Typically, though, such individuals are assigned to political action committees or some other partisan function.

I don’t know about you, but if I were running a car company I wouldn’t give a job to someone involved in a tire slashing conspiracy.  Go figure.


28 thoughts on “McAuliffe for Gov., DPVA and GreenTech’s Incestuous Relationship

  1. You folks keep digging for dirt and you cant find any!! So what if the SEC is doing an “investigation”……………Now if they find anything, then perhaps it might be a campaign issue……….but crying about an ‘investigation’ reflects how little you have in the campaign……and so, a campaign operative has a job with one of Terry’s companies…..big deal!!! Cant anyone focus on issues???

  2. Ask Terry. He’s clamoring on about some “war on women.” From the same party that brings you Weiner, Filner, Clinton, Edwards, you get the idea.

    1. Recently, I was asked by my venerable commenters on here to re-upgrade the quality of my comments……..meaning they were better before……..AND NOW you throw in McAuliffe with Carlos Danger and Ding Dong Filner……….c’mon you can do better than that!!

  3. Carlos Danger and Ding Dong Filner. “c’mon you can do better than that!!” Hmm, isn’t that the very suggestion people have been throwing at the Dems lately? Then they come up with McAuliffe; a pint-sized day-glo car; an aid named Stoney with a questionable rep; and a Chinese partner named Wang. Sounds like the Ringling Brothers.

    1. Cooch is an empty suit? He actually has proposed, written and had legislation passed . What has TM done? Selling visas for $500K by cashing in political favors is not an accomplishment. Raising money for Bill Clinton is not governance. Running the AG’s office is governance. Working as a legislator is governance. What has TM done? The empty is running on the Democrat ticket old bean.

    2. Sorry to disappoint you Robert, but there is nothing wrong with “selling visas” It is part of the immigration law……..and yes, $500,000 is the number. Simply encourages foreign investment, but I guess Cooch and supporters are not aware of such things. And what kind of laws did Cooch advance? Anything slightly significant to Virginia taxpayers?? The AG bureaucracy ran the AG office….Cooch ran around campaigning for his next job and for his nutty pet projects. Participation in the national campaign and political ventures of the President of the United States IS significant to many people!!

  4. BTW – considering that TM left his weeping wife and new born child to go to a fundraiser, how do you think he is going to treat VA? He has little connection with our state. Carpet-bagging, Yankee-Trash is all he is. He got his own little mini-Enron going on with his company. This is a plus for you?

  5. Funny stuff. TMAC can’t answer a single question….has to shut down Q&A sessions when it’s discovered that he doesn’t have a clue about the subject matter he’s opined on…..and WE have an empty suit?? Liberals TRULY enjoy mental disorders.

    1. It is important to note that the so-called Watchdog…… funded primarily by the wicked Koch brothers who talk the same way about our public institutions as the communists did in the 60s……….Bring down the government is their actual goal. They have inherited megabucks and use them to destroy our govt institutions… is important to note this when assessing the credibility of the !!Watchdogs!! Beware the junkyard dog…….some have rabies………

    2. Thats right Kenny, the Koch brothers are evil, but guys like Sulzberger who refuse to print anything damaging about Democrats focusing only on Republicans are just fine. Your hypocrisy is unreal.

    3. OK Robert………..Sulzberger and Koch Brothers simply do not belong in the same sentence……….and name calling doesnt enhance your attempted argument!!!

    4. ‘Sulzberger and Koch Brothers simply do not belong in the same sentence’, your right Ken, the Koch brothers have far higher scruples than ol’ pinch.

      As for your ludicrous ‘Bring down the government is their actual goal’ – if you do not have drugs as an excuse for such a statement, then there is little help for you.

    5. “Bring down the government is their actual goal”
      You need to put down the crack pipe Ken … seriously.

  6. @ Anon

    The only foreign investment into Virginia this visa selling scam produced was into two Virginia bank accounts – Terry’s and Hillary’s brother.

  7. They were not selling visas…………$500,000 for visas is a part of our laws to encourage intl investments…NOTHING wrong with that……….like your so-called irs scandals, you keep making stuff up……where’e the beef!!!

  8. swim111111110

    Right, they were making invisible little green cars. They were selling visas. And isn’t it great that American politicians use to have to say I’m not a crook to stay in office now they can openly be crooks and get elected to office.

    1. OK. Then show us some cars, otherwise it is a company whose only purpose is … to sell visas. The investment has to be in a real venture. Are you to be able to distinguish between honest enterprise and criminal activity?

    2. Criminal analysis is WAY above my pay grade Robert…….My point is that visas are available to foreign investors who bring $ to our economy. I believe the new Marriott that is being built in downtown DC is a good example. A Swedish family wants to emigrate here and bought $2.0 million investment in the project….and in return got visas….as far as the success of Terry’s venture, i have no idea where it stands. Maybe that is what SEC is looking at …….but one thing is clear. Terry does know his way around international investments. Also, attempting to denigrate Terry because he is a freind of a former President and a former Secretary of State……..???? hummmmmmmmmmCooch is friends with Mr. Williams hohohoho….and calling Terry a sleaze????????? you guys are the ones with empty suits!!! all of you………..boooooooooooo

    3. Ken,
      First of all, is ‘swim’ your sock puppet?

      Secondly, the visas are made available not at a price, but if the entrepreneur is looking to live here, has deep pockets, AND – critically my boy – is looking to invest in a viable concern. Just showing up at the border and bribing the government is not in either the spirit of or the letter of the law. The point is to have someone show up and start a new business.

      Thirdly, the people that ol’ Terry has found are apparently very closely connect to the Chinese government, and have intelligence connection to same government.

      Fourthly, if you say ‘Criminal analysis is WAY above my pay grade’ then you should refrain from such ardent defense of the activity in question.

      Lastly, the issue of criminality in this case then goes to the appearance of wrong doing. As Democrats such as yourself are willing to hang every Republican for the actions of McDonnell – then your hypocrisy giving Terry a pass in this matter is beyond the pale.

    4. Robert – Swim? I dont know how that got there……………some of it is my top-secret password. Who said anything about bribery re: McAuliffe? Whoever said that is way out of line without an indictment!!! You say APPARENTLY…that is cover for “I dont know what i am talking about”!!! I cant comment on a situation….not an ardent defense……its just that i have facts………..and fifth………i do not chose to hang every Republican for the actions of McDonnell……i actually feel very sorry for McDonnelll…….a deccent guy who has done a great job as Governor……………its just humorous that both he and Cooch (who has a government job and 8 kids) really got caught with their pants down on the Williams matter……….relative peanuts dollar-wise but they both have so little $………….and in the midst of this. IT IS YOU AND YOUR ILK THAT ARE TRYING TO INDICT MCAULIFFE ON THINGS THAT ARE POSSIBLE……….BUT THE GOVERNOR AND COOCH….res ipsa loquitur!!!!

    5. Your reply is a garbled mess. Try real punctuation and grammar. This sounds like something my 14 year old would SAY on the phone.

    6. Perhaps you could have someone read my comments to you…..slowly………..then you might understand……………..these are not deep or complicated thoughts………just real!!!!

    7. Reading you stream of unconsciousness? Seriously?
      1. First of all you need to ‘get real.’ Most of your responses are at best surreal
      2. If you are two damn lazy to be able to write your thoughts down in a sentence-paragraph format, then you are two damn lazy to be taken seriously.


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