Realtors’ PAC Tips Terry’s Hand on Bi-County Parkway

The Virginia Association of Realtors PAC would not have endorsed Terry McAuliffe if they weren’t certain that he will support the controversial Bi-County Parkway (a.k.a. the Developers Highway) through Manassas Battlefield that will open up a lot of land, particularly in Loudoun County, that has been bought up by residential developers.

Anyone who doubts that McAuliffe didn’t really mean what he said to the Dulles area Chamber of Commerce about supporting the Bi-County Parkway as it currently is mapped out is just deluding themselves.


One thought on “Realtors’ PAC Tips Terry’s Hand on Bi-County Parkway

  1. It doesn’t seem particularly wise to try to use McAuliffe’s stand on Bi-County against him when Cuccinelli is not only rabidly for it, but would not even consider using it to supplant traffic on existing roads. This is a loser for both candidates vis-a-vis residents near the proposed roadway. Best dropped.

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