More Trouble for Dem Candidate Michael Futrell

Democratic House candidate Michael Futrell, running in the 2nd Dist. again Delegate Mark Dudenheffer, is watching as what he thought of as one of his strengths turn into one of his greatest liabilities.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Futrell’s “Make The Future” foundation automatically has been stripped of its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status by the IRS for failure to file any reports for the past three years.  Despite losing its status back in May, the foundation was still soliciting funds until yesterday.

Furthermore, the article notes that the foundation was still advertising and charging admission for events that were never held including an “academic enrichment camp” a basketball camp.

The article goes on to point out what Virtucon already has about Futrell’s false claim to be a “lifelong educator”.

This story keeps getting more bizarre with each revelation…


2 thoughts on “More Trouble for Dem Candidate Michael Futrell

  1. Dudenhefer and Hirons are the real clown. I see they are up to their dirty politics again. So much for being an independant SB candidate.

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