Now for something REALLY important

In Northern Virginia there is an issue arising that breaks all political barriers, transcends class, and is of the most importance to Americans of every creed.  To many it surpasses Syria, the antics of Putin, the growing deficits, etc.

What about the ‘Redskins’ name and logo?

It is our right to know exactly where each of our local, and statewide, candidates stand on the the Washington Redskins name and logo.


11 thoughts on “Now for something REALLY important

  1. I need a ‘like’ button for Gina’s post. No self respecting politician would DARE to suggest changing the name of the Redskins!

  2. Everyone does realize that the first year of the franchise they weren’t the Redskins, they were the Braves, right? That was back in 1932 when they were located in Boston. They were the Boston Redskins from 1933-1936 before moving to Washington in 1937.

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY Gina!!! How about dealing with Virginia’s gun laws!!! Next time, i want to buy an AK-47, i want to be able to get one at 7-11~~~~~

    1. Lying is a vice. as such it is not necessarily illegal. Your reply to me is on its face sadly, even pathetically, duplicitous. You want to telly you “YAYYYY…’ was not an overtly political message? This should be a class E ‘misdemeanor stupid in public.’ The man took a shotgun and two pistols to a Navy base and killed a dozen people, and then was killed before he could do more harm. How about a moment of silent respect for the dead instead of your despicable “YAY”?

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