New Cuccinelli Ad Hits McAuliffe Where It Hurts


35 thoughts on “New Cuccinelli Ad Hits McAuliffe Where It Hurts

  1. Hummmmmmmmm………selective believing in what the Post says. Normally you guys think the Post is a bunch of pinkos……i think the ad is slightly oxymoronic in that the Post says Mc is all BS……….well, the same could be said for the ad………….all BS……….WHAT FACTS!!!!!

    1. ??? no sabe??? “here’s your sign”?? you don’t mean to say that is a gesture not fit for families??? hhohohohooho

  2. Frankly, I’m impressed that the Post is even bothering to cover this stuff. It probably won’t stop an endorsement of McA (and I think the best any conservative can hope for is that they decline to endorse any of the candidates), but as I say, it is impressive that they are honestly covering it. Great ad, though. More please!!

    1. I know he is a political operative, businessman, father of five children and highly respected by a wide range of people. I know too that some folks don’t think certain ex-Presidents, Senators, Secretaries of State and facilitators for billions of dollars of aid to depressed nations are still bad evil sleazy people…..but maybe take a deep breath of fresh air…….

  3. Obama as a statesman??!? Yeah, real statesmanship there in dealing with Syria….wanting to bomb them, then wanting approval from Congress, then leaping at a deal proposed by Russia, then goes on TV and tells the American people how urgent it is to take decisive action but he’s going to do absolutely nothing to prevent the use of chemical weapons that he so vigorously denounced. Seriously?? Acrobats would have a hard time trying to keep up with all of this.

    1. For those of you who are not statesmen, and wouldn’t ever recognize one, your President Obama IS such as figure. Chemical weapons must go and the President carefully crafted a way to bring the Security Council into the matter. You will recall, a wacko President from another era pulled the trigger and slmost destroyed the world. The President will indeed, have the day to declare MISSION ACCOMPLISHED……AND NO AMERICANS KILLED!!!

  4. Carefully my fanny. If anything he was LUCKY that Putin came up with something to pull him out of the fire that he created for himself. Obama was apparently prepared to start bombing Syria, then came to his senses and decided to ask Congress. Chances are very good that Congress would not have granted the use of force, which would have been a monumental defeat. By the by, which “wacko President from another era” are you referring to? If you’re thinking of W. Bush (which is my guess, although “era” sounds like another century), he went to the UN and got approval from Congress as well. Obama was preparing to skip both of those, thanks to his stupid “red line” remarks. Face facts, the man is inept and in over his head. Thanks to LIV’s such as you, we’re stuck with him for another term!

  5. Low Information Voter. So long as you get your freebies, you’re content…even if the country is falling apart. The facts about Syria are clear — Obama is in over his head and it took a former KGB agent to pull his feet out of the fire. Stop drinking the kool-aid and think for yourself — Obama ISN’T ALL THAT!!

    1. You do recall Obama’s quiet meeting with Putin at G-20…………, Obama could not extort a peaceful settlement from Assad…………..but Putin could and did prevail on Putin to do it. As you may recall, Obama DID NOT have a quick trigger finger, but as us “high information voters’ seem to know, Obama has a quick mind…..and he uses it for the betterment of US Citizens and the world………you ever notice Obama’s agenda? PEACE, HEALTH, EDUCATION???? stop, look, listen and think for yourself!!

  6. Why in THE HELL would he open saying that he would use force and THEN talk about going to Congress and the UN? Sounds like he has it back-asswards to me. Does he even HAVE an agenda for term #2? Seems to me all he did in 2012 was demonize Romney and the GOP. And yes, I do happen to think for myself and I’m thinking he’s a lousy president who is very successful at dividing this country and would sooner negotiate with terrorists than his political opposition.

    1. Seems pretty clear to me…… an observer…….he lined up his weapons………and then gave Assad a chance to politely surrender………….to Putin!!! OBAMA DID NOT divide the country….the sleaze and back-benchers on the sidelines stab him every chance they get….we only need to look a McConnell’s meeting the day after OBAMA was first inaugurated…………to block every damn thing OBAMA tried to do. WHO t f did the dividing? and now Sleaze Cruz is at it…………..

  7. You know, you’re right….Obama succeeded in uniting the country….AGAINST HIS PLAN TO BOMB SYRIA! Now, pretty much everyone knows what an incompetent dumb@$$ he is when it comes to foreign policy.

    1. I think he is pretty damn smart on foreign policy. He got Russia to do the work in getting chemical weapons away from Assad……..and none of our troops have been put further into harms way………

  8. And ceded the US’s position on the world stage as the primary superpower in the process. Let’s face it, you could find Obama in bed with a dead guy (or girl if you prefer) and you’d call it a misunderstanding. In your mind the man can do nothing wrong. If he told you to jump, you’d say how high. If I’m wrong, then go ahead and prove it.

    1. I think you are dead wrong!!! For people like you, Obama ceded the US position on the world stage. I am sure that is what Rush and all those other great American patriots (hohohohoho) are saying. Responsible people see what Obama did…………..mission accomplished for stage 1 of getting chemical weapons away from a nutcase….no Americans killed. Primarysuperpower……..sure……….lets bomb the hell out of everyone – that is fun to people like you……..

  9. I’d rather NOT bomb the hell out of everyone, I thought he was an idiot to open with threatening to bomb Syria, especially without Congressional approval. The fact that Putin saved his rear does not a statesman make.

    1. Its comforting to know that your earlier criticism of the President was not intended to hope for his bombing Syria…..the point that you naysayers just don seem to understand is that someone had to put Assad in his place, Obama was just about the ONLY ONE with the guts to proceed, and, in my view, he had private talks with Putin at the G-20 where they both worked out a strategy to address the problem without bombs…..without Putin, it appears to me that Obama could have gone to Assad and told him…give up the weapons or we hve our guns pointed on Syria and will blow up your cities and airports….20-30 billion dollars worth of infrastructure…..but Obama did it the quiet way. You’ll read this in the history books someday, but sure you will find other things to hate Obama about in the interim!!!

  10. “but sure you will find other things to hate Obama about in the interim!!!” I agree. It’s really not hard to dislike the man and despise his policies and what they’re doing to the country. Especially if you believe in freedom, personal responsibility, hard work, the American Dream, life, liberty, and God.

    1. you left out Motherhood….btw, we are a lot better off as a nation today than we were when Obama came into office………..a LOT LOT better!!

  11. BS. But I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that point. Besides what’s wrong with motherhood (or fatherhood in my case)?

    1. YEP he’s a statesman…….he didnt look the other way when chemical weapons were involved, unlike Bush, Rumsfled and Cheney who didnt look period…and started bombing…and now you want to crucify Obama? I dont care what the polls say……in my humble opinion, he did what was right………..

  12. About half of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling foreign policy, a new high as he confronts a diplomatic opening with Iran and efforts to remove chemical arms in Syria, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

    Forty-nine percent disapproved of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy efforts, up 10 points since early June, and 40 percent approved.

    The president’s negative rating on foreign policy has grown among Americans of all political stripes, with disapproval up 8 points among Democrats, 10 points among Republicans and 13 points among independents.

    The poll also found that 52 percent disapproved of the way Mr. Obama was handling the situation in Syria. On his handling of relations with Iran, 39 percent approved, while 44 percent disapproved.

    “I think he’s looking very weak, and he put us in a dangerous situation with Syria,” Arlene Woods, 57, an independent voter from Ellicott City, Md., said in a follow-up interview. “I have a son in the military. When it doesn’t involve our own safety or security on our soil, then I don’t think it’s justifiable to use military force.”

    But yeah, he’s a statesman! 😉

    1. Did you ever hear of the theory of not governing by poll results? and especailly in the middle of a foreign policy quagmire which is Syria………?we need a great mind and a stedy hand…………deliberative….and guess who that is!!! Rush? Sean? Levin?

  13. All three of them are infinitely better than the incumbent president. And yes, I have heard of that theory. And I’ll tell you what, Reagan and Bush both governed that way. Clinton did not and Obama does not.

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i will never ever even concede that as a possibility. Reagan, Bush and Bush s/not be included in the same sentence as Clinton and Obama……………the latter 2 are statesmen…….the former 3, hacks at best!!!!

  14. And I agree, Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 should NEVER be included in the same sentence as Clinton and Obama (and I would include Carter as one that should be included either). The first three are actual leaders. Carter was a fool, Clinton was a womanizer, and Obama is a national security risk.

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