AfD misses the cut


Alternative for Germany came less than a third of a percent shy of qualifying for the German Parliament.

While all of the talk in Germany is about Angela Merkel’s strong performance, it should be noted that the left actually has a majority of seats. They could freeze her out, if they choose (Open Europe).

More likely, Merkel will pick one of them off as a coalition partner. I suspect the Greens: they’re smaller than the Social Democrats, they don’t have the bad history of the Grand Coalition (which did the SDP serious political damage), and Merkel has already swallowed their green energy nonsense whole.

What that would mean for the rest of Europe is less clear. The Greens are europhilic in the core, but more euroskeptic on the periphery (the Greens in Britain, for example, have been sour on the single currency for years). The one certainly is the power bills and energy poverty will rise in Germany, and not by a little either.

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2 thoughts on “AfD misses the cut

  1. This is what I was afraid of. I bet alot of FDP votes went to AfD. But not enough, evidently.

    Of course, Merkel had previously said she wouldn’t go into coalition with AfD. I’m wondering if she would have followed through with that if AfD had reached 5% and secured the necessary seats.

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