New McAuliffe Ad Makes Mark Warner Less Likable, More Phony

The obvious intent of this new Terry McAuliffe ad featuring Sen. Mark Warner is to try and tie McAuliffe to him in an effort to improve his favorable and likability ratings. Watch the ad for yourself here:

Shockingly, instead of benefitting McAuliffe, it actually makes Warner come off as less likable.  He appears stiff, uncomfortable, and phony.  Then again, his entire political career, both as governor and senator, has been completely devoid of any accomplishments whatsoever (unless you count a massive tax increase that didn’t fix any problems as an achievement.)


19 thoughts on “New McAuliffe Ad Makes Mark Warner Less Likable, More Phony

  1. Sen. Mark Warner believes he is ‘popular’ with moderate constituents. Polls seem to suggest that. But if he made that commercial AFTER McAuliffe tanked last week, he should be very concerned about supporting a candidate who demonstrated he’s completely unqualified for office. That would reflect badly on his judgement! Your review if the ad was spot on!!

    1. That is because he keeps stretching his jaw out when he is…

      Um, at beach houses in Delaware with “friends.”

  2. Warner pulled Virginia out of the financial hole left when rocket scientist republican governor gilmore sunk us by dropping the car tax…………Remember? and Warner has forged business-like relationships to address problems like banking reforms, GSEs and aversions of shutdowns with republicans…… nasme a few. YEP, the ad with mcauliffe is very stiff. My condolensces about the continuing polls……….BUT, losers are losers…………go TED CRUZ!!!!!!! far away

  3. Since the polls are showing McA slipping, no need for the condolences. No joke, I was getting my hair cut and this ad appeared on TV and I almost hit the roof. I told the barber that McA is sleeze and there is no way on God’s green earth I will vote for him.

    1. You guys decide McA is sleaze? Why? DID Rush tell you to think that? You dont like McA’s curly blond hair? Looks like a blond gangster……just like your hero Sleaze Ted Cruz? OK, Go ahead and vote for Coooch, “the” Bishop and Obenshain…….did you ever hear about Obenshain’s wife? hohohoho

  4. McA is a sleaze because all he does is raise boatloads of money, schmoozes with the Clintons and starts up “companies” to boost his professional resume. Somehow this qualifies him to be Governor. Now, please do tell me, what makes Ted Cruz a sleaze?

    1. McA is a 20-year citizen of Virginia, knowledgeable and successful in politics and business…….Ted Cruz….sleaze by virtue of his self-serving moves to close down the govt to achieve HIS political goals…………he will go down the political sewer as rapidly as Sarah P…………..his looks!!! He looks like a 50s-style NYC kid gangster………………to name just 2

  5. Well, Kenny, it is the Republicans in the House voted to keep the vital operations of the government going. Looks to me like the Demonrats are the ones who want to shut it down.

    1. Geez, nothing like making up your own facts!! This is an awesome attempt to set a precedent for a group of recently elected yahoos to come in and start defunding legislation (that has been upheld in the US Supreme Court) to satisfy their yahoo uninformed constituents!!! nice try………………..bye bye Ted………there’s room on the far back bench for you next to Sarah!!!

  6. His looks?!!!! A “50’s-style NYC kid gangster”?!!! Come on, KR. HIs name is Cruz. Say what you really mean. NYC Puerto Rican gangster? NYC Dominican gangster. NYC Mexican gangster? Don’t hold back on us.

    1. You asked me what he looks like………………..a 50’s kid gangster………….i remember them………….right out of West Side Story!!!!!

    1. C’mon LL……i thought you liked ME!!! Cruz is a sleaze!!!! I’m cool, in addition to being modest and humble and nice looking………….

  7. Can you imagine? The Little Sisters of the Poor, those white-robed nuns who stay with and care for and comfort the elderly and poor right up to death’s door, whose whole lives are devoted to acts of mercy, have been judged by Obamacare not to be religious enough for contraceptive and abortifacient exemptions and will have to pay fines if they refuse to violate their sacred vows. They are suing the USG to avoid having to use their only income, donations, to pay for fines instead of the dying poor. That, KR, old chap, is the definition of sleaze. Obama sleaze.

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