Is Sarvis Just a Pseudo Libertarian Hipster Wanna-Be?

Is it just me or does Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis actually come off to others as well like some hipster wanna-be who thinks it is cool to be a libertarian, doesn’t really understand the issues that deeply, and pays lip service to the libertarian social dogma?  Anyone who heard him speak (if you can even call it that) on WMAL radio out of D.C. last week could not come away with any other impression.

His issues? Jobs. The economy. School choice. Drug reform. Same-sex marriage. Public pension reform. Out of all those, drug reform is the only one not being championed by at least one of the candidates from the two major parties. And don’t forget, Sarvis ran against Dick Saslaw as a Republican.

Sarvis is like so many other Thomas Jefferson High School grads who are into pretending to be hipsters, but they’re just not cool enough to quite pull it off. As brilliant as they may be (and Sarvis is a Harvard grad – take that for what you will), I wouldn’t want any of them in charge of my government. They have NO clue how to run a state, or anything else, other than a computer program.

Then there is his campaign, which is a case in point of how ineffective he is at actually running something. He has raised less than most people who are legitimate candidates for state delegate in contested races. And while I’m not in any position to pick on people’s appearances, who allows these weird images to be distributed by his own campaign when he looks like he was drugged, drunk, or very tired?!?


A pseudo libertarian hipster wanna-be dufus politico, that’s who.

Anyone who thinks that Sarvis will get anywhere near the 9-10% on Election Day that he is getting in polls now surely is hoping that Sarvis wins and institutes drug reform because they must be on something.  The most any recent third-party candidate has won on Election Day was 2% by Russ Potts and he actually had money and a semi-coherent message.  While Sarvis will likely get some protest votes from people unhappy with both major party candidates, expect most people who are turned off just not to show up at the polls.


10 thoughts on “Is Sarvis Just a Pseudo Libertarian Hipster Wanna-Be?

    1. Somewhere there’s a graphic design shop with a dozen sample generic political designs to choose from, and every last campaign in existence has one. There are many reasons no one does anything controversial with these designs, just as PWC how their county logo design went, eh?

  1. These kind of personal attacks are garbage, pure and simple. Like Sarvis or not, the writers at Virginia Virtucon ought to be ashamed.

  2. I think y’all should stop being such dicks and give the man some credit for doing something about the problem of government getting too intrusive instead of sitting behind your keyboard and just writing about it! NOW nuff said!

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