Ralph Malph

Observations from the ground at the Lt. Governor’s Debate were interesting, here are but a few:

“Ralph came off as arrogant, basically he has led a perfect life devoid of any mistakes and views people that have had controversy in their life as inferior. He is the son of a judge and a nurse, never “gone without” anything in his life, but his attitude appears to be that no matter your life circumstances your mistakes will follow you and I will judge if you are worthy. ”

“The more I think about this guy, the more I think he is just a jerk. His smirks and body language were very telling. Ralph’s assertion that his religious beliefs guided him in life, after Jackson said he was “running for Lt Gov, not Bishop”, were extremely condescending. Aren’t the democrats always warning that republicans want us to be a theocracy, and when a republican says religion guides them they are accused of being an extremist? If Jackson had said The Lord guides him in all walks of life, Ralph would have had the opposite answer – “Separation of Church and State!!!! You aren’t being elected Bishop of Virginia”.”

“The leftist NOVA ninnies is the audience were so rude – trash talking through the entire debate. It was like sitting in the middle of a bunch of middle schoolers”

“Apparently Northam fought tooth and nail to defeat the Lyme Bill, citing that he didn’t want the state dictating care to doctors. Ahem, did he not just make a spirited defense of Obamacare and expanding Medicaid here in the Commonwealth? The real reason Ralph didn’t vote for the Lyme Bill was because the medical lobby was threatening to withhold $$.  Northam cares more about hospitals and their money than people who are suffering with Lyme Disease.”

“Twice last night Northam asserted that the next Lt Gov would be “presiding over an $80 billion budget”. This is utter hogwash. Did he bump himself up to the top of the ticket? Is McAuliffe aware that Ralph will be “presiding over the budget”? Maybe the democrats realize McAuliffe isn’t capable and have already delegated the budget? It wouldn’t be a surprise since McAuliffe has already stated he won’t be reading any of the bills. I suspect he won’t be “residing over the budget” either because Ralph has trumped him. Too bad Ralph doesn’t know that the Lt. Governor can’t vote on budgetary items.”

“EW could have thrown a couple punches last night, but he came out looking and sounding like a gentleman. Imagine being lectured by a member of the left on how religion SHOULD play into your life, and you are an ordained minister. This “lecture” was not only deliberately degrading, it was disgusting!”

“It was kind of sick listening to Ralph Northam continually remind the audience that he was a Pediatric Neurologist, a member of the medical community dedicated to helping babies and children with neurological disorders, then think of his extreme pro-abortion positions.”


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  1. One of those choices is abortion. What does abortion cost? One human life. You can try to spin that one all you want, but it’s undeniably true. By the by, the Pope’s point is that Catholics should be focusing their energies in other areas as well, not just on the social issues. It does NOT mean that he’s wavering on what the Church teaches to be morally reprehensible. If you want to think that the Pope is suddenly in favor of abortion, then I have a pole up north to sell you.

  2. Wow! I had exactly the same impression of Northam who I had never seen or heard before!! When he talked about having alternative education for those not meant for college I felt he was referring to young people from troubled backgrounds, foster care, etc. Someone like Jackson who still managed a Harvard education. Is Ralph a bigot? I think it is entirely possible.

    Lord help us if he is elected.

  3. This race is over. EW has no clue what the office of Lt Gov is about. He’s a storefront preacher, except his storefront is in a motel conference room. The righties just keep chattering to themselves about their moral superiority, and the rest of the world votes for the sane people.

    1. Polling shows a virtual tie in this race, which is why people like yourself are out with false bravado and ridiculous assertions.

      The only person radiating moral superiority was the high and mighty Ralphie boy, he claims not to want to judge based on sexual orientation and gender – but if you are a conservative you are a nutbag. The guy is completely transparent.

  4. Funny how you think that just become someone is right-of-center politically, that they are somehow not sane. You must really think very highly of yourself, then. The self-righteousness of liberals is one of the things that frankly disgusts me to my core.

  5. So you think that your man “EW” is “right-of-center”??? How about “off-the-planet” politically. And then he says he can preach one message on Sundays and give another message th rest of the week? Right of center my foot!!!………….and I’m sorry that the “self-righteousness of liberals” disgusts you!!! Does this cover ALL LIBERALS…………….and many of us are self-righteous because we justify what we believe in…………..or are we not allowed to justify our beliefs to ourselves??

  6. I think conservatives have the self-righteous championship firmly wrapped up. The rest of us just have to sit back and watch you self-destruct with your tea party craziness and lack of any members besides white-Christian-hetero-conservative-upper class folks. That group is quickly becoming too small to be relevant.

    1. i’m a humble voter from dale city….the center of politicsl universe!!! I don’t take EW seriously……..it humors me to see that he beat out the other splendid nobodies the rep party put up………you all are gonna lose in November………..normalcy here we come!!!

  7. Right Herb!!! They are becoming extinct………and actually, its not good that we wnd up with a one-party govt which is where we are headed………

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