Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Jumps In Bed With Fellow Crony Capitalist McAuliffe

The Fairfax Chamber of Commerce endorsed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe yesterday.

Birds of a feather.

A new report from George Mason’s Mercatus Center found that Federal government spending accounts for nearly 30 percent of Virginia’s jobs.

“It has only been the government part that has been recession-proof, and the remaining 70 percent or so actually looks similar to the rest of the country in terms of job loss and (worker) disengagement,” said Keith Hall, a Mercatus senior research fellow and co-author of the report, which was released Monday.

Where are the bulk of such jobs located that rely upon this government largesse?  Northern Virginia with the vast majority of those in that region situated in . . . Fairfax County.

Unfortunately, the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce has come to be dominated by crony capitalists.  Being a crony capitalist is exactly how Terry McAuliffe made his fortune – trading on political connections and influence, government subsidies, you name it.  (Think Global Crossing, GreenTech, etc.)  Not only do they understand McAuliffe and therefore would naturally be drawn to supporting him, they don’t see anything wrong with the way that they have come to operate.

For me, I’ll take the Northern Virginia Technology Council any day because, you know, those are people who actually make things consumed and paid for by the private sector.


8 thoughts on “Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Jumps In Bed With Fellow Crony Capitalist McAuliffe

  1. Jim, this is ridiculous. Take a look at some of the largest and best known members of the NVTC and you will find all the usual suspects, from Booz Allen and Deloitte, to Lockheed Martin, to a dozens of government agencies – even the NSA.

    The Chamber and the NVTC both cater to similar groups. That they came to different conclusions for endorsements is based on a variety of factors, and crony capitalism has nothing to do with it.

    The Chamber made the best decision they could, even if it’s one I disagree with. If Ken, E.W. and Mark had all supported the Governor’s transportation bill, I expect they would have won the endorsement hands down. But they didn’t, and there’s not many things more important to business in Northern Virginia than transportation.

  2. You know you’re on the wrong track when a democrat immediately jumps in to praise your comment. The Chamber is all about big businesses and developers. Of course they love our massive tax increase with the hope of bringing more development to Fairfax. The Chamber doesn’t represent small businesses and doesn’t care about the.

  3. Anyone who still adheres blind obedience to Obama, without being at least a little bit skeptical about what he is doing to the country, is NO MODERATE. Granted this is just my opinion, but I’d suggest you start rattling off some examples of moderation and thing (anything at all) that you question about this administration and their policies.

    1. Sure….I am concerned about Obamacares requirement for Catholic hospitals to pay for anything having to do with abortions. I know there have been waivers. I also know that one of the first things he did when he signed the ACA bill was to say that with 2,600 pages, changes would need to be made. I AM TOO BUSY to find fault with Obama given all the lies and bigotry associated with many of his opponents. I refuse to join the mindless stampede against EVERYTHING he does when I see so much greatness…..I am thrilled (tingling all about!!) the way he handled Syria and now Iran………

  4. Interestingly, the candidates were not even asked about transportation during the debate. If the bill was so important to the chamber, why did they not ask for it to be included?

    My feeling is that the endorsement was written before the debate, and McAuliffe could have mooned the audience and still gotten the endorsement. Hmmm, maybe he did . . .

    1. I guess some people get tired of beating up Cooch for all the dumb things he does……….let’s ban sodomy and transportation funding!! Go COOCH!!! right into the private sector……..hurry!!!!!!!

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