Politico Resorts To Shoddy Journalistic Standards To Hit E.W. Jackson

Oh, where to begin with the latest slop dished out by Politico…

Before we even get into the critique of the content, one should ask the question of why is a newspaper whose focus is primarily the federal government in general and Capitol Hill in particular taking the time, effort and expense to undertake writing an article about the LG race in Virginia?

As for the article itself, this should be used as an example in journalism school of shoddy journalism and what NOT to do if you are trying to write an accurate and unbiased news article.  The article ran based solely on filed documents and E.W. Jackson’s word but then completely discounted his word within the article in favor of people they couldn’t get on the phone or go on the record.

Then there is the issue of the “restraining order” itself.  Anyone can get a temporary restraining order just by calling the police. When this matter actually went to a hearing, nothing came of it. It was a case of overreaction and the police doing their jobs.  Even the author is forced to note that:

Temporary restraining orders are often granted based upon the allegations of one party to a dispute, without the other side present to respond and without necessarily passing judgment on the allegations being made.

But then comes the editorializing:

A candidate who had been taken more seriously during the primary would likely have had to address his past involvement in such a sensational legal episode prior to winning the nomination. Jackson, a fiery conservative preacher known for his incendiary rhetoric, electrified delegates at the state convention and snatched the nomination from several better-known candidates.

Worst of all, this is an outright attack on Jackson’s family over an issue that has nothing to do with the race for LG:

“I was simply trying to help my child and I really don’t want to get into facts or details about my daughter’s life,” he said. “She’s not running for public office. I am. This is very upsetting that she has been dragged into this.”

Our blogosphere colleagues over at Bearing Drift saw this coming:

A party confident of its chances in November would not feel the need to go after Jackson in such a manner. Then again, when the comforting narrative begins to unravel, the first, best option is to go the full Clinton, and resort to the “politics of personal destruction.”

Too true.

And on Twitter:

Jason Samuel – @Jason_Samuel – So @JacksonForLG is within the margin of error in the polls? Cue the hit job from the @politico http://www.politico.com/story/2013/09/ew-jackson-restraining-order-97420.html?hp=l3

Politico should stick with what they do best, slamming conservative Republicans at the federal level lest such embarrassing instances of such journalistic malfeasance become known to the wider world outside of the Beltway. Then again, they have accomplished what they set out to do – please their Democrat masters who can’t stand a conservative black man make headway by giving Ralph Northam a headline he can use, twist and distort in advertising and mailings against Jackson.

Clarence Thomas. Herman Cain. Now, E.W. Jackson. If I didn’t know any better, I would say there is a racist element running through such hit jobs. Oh, wait…

Sen. Robert Byrd not only was a KKK member but led his local Klan chapter

UPDATE: Former Congressman Allen West weighs in

Last night I spoke at an event in Alexandria for EW Jackson, GOP nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia. Jackson’s story is a powerful one, initially raised in poverty in a foster home, juvenile delinquency, reunited with his dad, former Marine, summa cum laude from U Mass, and Harvard law school graduate. However, the story yesterday was an attack against his daughter in POLITICO. The liberal media revels in attacking minority conservatives — prominent Hispanic conservative Senator Ted Cruz experiences the same treatment. However, the party of slavery, secession, segregation, Jim Crow, and the KKK especially enjoys attacking black conservatives, well aided by a highly complicit liberal progressive media and black liberals who remain silent. Consider how, on the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington, not a single black conservative was invited to speak. No Justice Clarence Thomas or Senator Tim Scott. However, the man who cancelled the DC school voucher program for deserving black kids, Barack Obama, was celebrated. The hypocrisy is glaring. The continual practice of not just disagreeing but seeking to destroy the lives of those minority conservatives who do not embrace liberal dogma is vile. However, no one can destroy our steadfast resolve. Black conservatives are especially hated by liberals because we so love America.

3 thoughts on “Politico Resorts To Shoddy Journalistic Standards To Hit E.W. Jackson

  1. Go back to preaching EW……..maybe start out on the political rung for which you are qualified……and its not a heartbeat away from being my Governor!!!

  2. I don’t really understand why the preaching of orthodox Christian doctrine by a Christian minister should be much of a surprise. Because fundamentalist Christian theology IS exclusive, it’s quite clear that a candidate who is also a minister will be controversial and will offend non-Christians. But that was all (presumably) evaluated when the man was selected as a candidate. The GOP in Virginia was willing to assume that problem in the hopes that other points in Jackson’s favour would outweigh the negatives of telling a large segment of the electorate that they were following false religions. This all seems like a yawn to me. It may be a legitimate reason not to vote for Jackson, but it certainly isn’t scandalous or surprising.

  3. I’m a Christian and very offended by christians who spout out their orthodox views that I see as anti-Christian!!!!

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