Virginia’s Irish Americans Call Upon McAuliffe To Apologize

Mr. Terry McAuliffe
Post Office Box 13881
Arlington, VA 22219

Candidate McAuliffe,

Your response to a question at a recent meeting with a Northern Virginia PAC has come to my attention. The question related to how you plan to accomplish political/gubernatorial goals if elected Governor of Virginia. If accurately reported, your response was “as an Irish Catholic I’m adept at taking people out for drinks and doing whatever it takes to get things done.” Remarks of this nature serve to denigrate both Irish cultural heritage and our beloved Catholic faith.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America is the oldest Catholic men’s fraternal organization in the United States. As President of the Virginia State Board, I believe such stereotypical remarks are a disgrace and an unacceptable caricaturing of the Irish people and the Catholic faith.

As you well know, perception is reality. I ask you to issue a public apology for your most unfortunate remarks or claim that you have been misquoted. A copy of this letter and your response will be forwarded to the National Board of Directors, Ancient Order of Hibernians in America.


Bruce A. Denault
Virginia State Board
Ancient Order of Hibernians
In America


18 thoughts on “Virginia’s Irish Americans Call Upon McAuliffe To Apologize

  1. Cant you folks concentrate on ISSUES? Your letter is an enormous stretch….if you want apologies, how about Cooch’es stupid ad showing McA gulping drinks? Total insult to my marginal intelligence!!! I am Irish-Catholic. I grew up in McA’s Cstholic Diocese of Syracuse….same Religion….samr Religion that Cooch wants to enact into Virginia law…..BUT, it is important to you to keep the nonsense flowing and the AOH letter does that. BTW, how can a Denault be a true Irishman anyway!!!

    1. Cheap shot….Of course I wouldn’t expect anything better. YEP, I’m an Irish Catholic Alcoholic….took my last drink in 1975…….and then as…… come along and ridicule!! I’d rather be an alcoholic than an as…..!!!!

    2. Obviously, Ken, you are unfamiliar with the mission of the AOH (part of which is to refute negative stereotypes against Irish Catholics) and that one can be Irish through one’s mother. Apparently he is Irish enough to be elected president of the entire AOH for Virginia.

    3. That WAS a stereotype many decades ago………I have lived thru these years when there was true bigotry against Irish and Catholics……….and THEN, in my experience, the bigotry turned onto Blacks……..we have since gotten off scot-free so to speak……we live in northern Virginia today………..I Never feel any kind of bigotry, except perhaps here when alleged adults on here try to make fun of my alcoholism!!!! True 6th grade bullies….or, as……

    4. Well, Ken, if you do want to talk ISSUES, do you think that responding to a question about governing by saying that he would get people together for drinks was a good way for McAuliffe to impress people about his managerial competence? Clearly, the good people at NVTC TechPAC didn’t think so.

    5. picky, picky………….you dont really think that is his managerial style……….of course he woud have official meetings, but as you well know, most political leaders and all sorts of people, gather together for a dinner or drink and talk about business………….that is a way of life……….maybe Cooch doesnt do that, but most other humans do!!!

    6. It’s not a question of whether or not you discuss or settle issues over drinks, but presenting that as the preferred strategic option in a job interview. You know, making a good first impression.

    7. I think McA made a good first impression……what’s wrong with sitting down over anything….sprite (remember im an alcoholic!!!) and talking about issues!!!

  2. Of course McAuliffe should apologize. Just because he is frequently pictured drinking or pushing alcohol is no reason, when he makes an ignorant flippant remark, he should smear all Irish Catholics.

    1. “Frequently pictures” ……..YEP………… Cooch’es commercials……………Cooch has nothing substantive to say so he posts pics of McA gulping drinks………….at first i thought it was funny.,,….but like so much about Cooch……after seeing it 20-25 times, its obnoxious!!!

  3. Ken, if you want to talk about ISSUES, how can we have an honest debate when right out of the gate you say something as false and inflammatory as “Cooch wants to enact [Catholicism] into Virginia law”?!?!

    1. I had 16 years Catholic schools………back in the 50s and later………..and Cooch sounds just like the Baltimore Catechism paperback!! Strangely, i had much of my Catholic education in the same Catholic Diocese as McA………and while i believe most of what i recall as dogma, i do not believe such should be enacted into state or federal law……the way the campaign in going….traveling rapidly thru the gutter, i doubt there will be any serious debates on the issue……….

  4. So if a Catholic politician’s position on an issue is consistent with Catholic teaching on that issue, he’s legislating his religion? What if an atheist had the same stance? Would his opinion be illegitimate too? (As it happens, there are actually a lot of pro-life atheists out there, for instance).

    All of this Democrat talk, year in and year out, about Republicans “forcing their religion down people’s throats,” etc., is really nothing more than an attempt to delegitimize an opponent’s position. In essence, it’s a religious test.

    Instead, what you and other Democrats should do is actually debate the merits of each issue, rather than castigating and demeaning your opponent’s position because it happens to align with his religious views. That’s as bigoted and as out of sync with the 1st amendment as what you’re accusing Cuccinelli of doing.

    1. Interesting point Steve…….i strongly agree with you that the merits of each issue should be debated on the merits of each…………..

  5. Seriously? This is so annoying. I’m Irish, I don’t have a drinking problem and I find it hilarious when people of ALL ethnic groups have trouble with “stereotypes.” Stereotypes are there because sometimes they are true, sometimes they aren’t, but they always get under the skin of those who are weak and have no convictions in their own personality.

    I find what McAuliffe said to be just fine. He’s basically saying he’s going to hatch out problems over a few beers, or green teas, or whatever in the world you like to drink.

    Come on Irish people, don’t make us the politically correct group who turns everything into boring old political statement.

    1. Thank you……….very wise statement…..and its nice to be in the company of normality………the ‘losers’ are desparate in searching for an issue…….and this ridiculous outburst is the best they can do!!

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