Why Would Senate Democrats Oppose This Unless They Want The Government To Shut Down?

What did the House send back to the Senate for consideration last night to prevent the federal government from shutting down? Here are the details:

**An extension of the expiration date of the CR, from the Senate’s November 15 back to the original House resolution’s December 15.

**An extension of expiring authority for the Eisenhower Memorial, as proposed by the Senate.

**An extension of expiring authority to issue special visas to Iraqi refugees who assisted U.S. troops.

**A new provision delaying the individual mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act for one year.

**A new provision requiring the President, Vice President, all political executive branch appointees, Members of Congress, and all Congressional staff to get their health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges without any form of direct subsidy and without any tax code subsidy except the means-tested subsidies available to all Americans.

What is wrong with any of these things? This House proposal gave Congress an extra month to work out final appropriations without fear of another shut down during that time, gave the Senate what it wants on the Eisenhower Memorial (seriously?), helped Iraqi refugees who helped our troops and are now in danger, gave individuals the same 1-year reprieve from Obamacare that the President gave big business by executive fiat, and subjected elected officials and their staffs to the same laws that apply to everyone else regarding Obamacare.

The Senate promptly killed it within an hour last night.  Why would they do so unless they wanted to shut the government down?

House Republicans have asked Senate Democrats for a conference committee to work out a compromise, but Harry Reid continues to refuse.


23 thoughts on “Why Would Senate Democrats Oppose This Unless They Want The Government To Shut Down?

  1. Very simply, the ACA was enacted in 2009 (10?)…enough time has elapsed and a one-year extension has one goal: to kill it!! The law was enacted already. Amen………..the main objections have to do with the extreme carnival barkers who daily spew out hatred for any and everything the President says and does…and the confusion and questions by most members of the public who dont understand and therefore object to the ACA. As an aside, after the yahoos kill ACA (Which they wont), how about the nuns and pacifists start an effort to defund the military? And the education haters can defund the Education Department…and the Food Stamp haters can undo that…..the possibilities are endless. Like the “comsymps” of the 60s…lets kill all of our government institutions………..one more thing…most large employers help to subsidize health care costs of employees…………so, as much as we despise Congress, it seems equitable to subsidize their health care costs……

    1. Ken, if it were equitable to subsidize Congressional staffers’ healthcare, it would come out of the budget each member’s office already has for compensation of employees, just like with any private business. Instead, Congress is giving itself extra money so they don’t feel the same pain as those in the private sector.

    2. Well, Kenny, the law to build a fence on our southern border was passed several years ago, but the demonrats in congress refuse to fund that. They also refuse to allocate the funds to deport the illegals we do catch.

      You don’t have a problem with 0bama’s illegal declaration that the employer mandate was delayed for a year.

      If 0bamacare is so good, if it will make premiums so low, why can’t it be voluntary?

    3. ??you do know that Obama deports some 500,000 undocumenteds a year….?? more than his predecessors??? some of us think a fence is stupid……..

    4. “Some of us think a fence is stupid.”

      And some of us think 0bamacare is stupid (and destructive).

      YOUR guys defunded the fence. And our guys want to defund 0bamacare.

    5. I think your ‘guys’ are out to defund everything they dont like…………orchestrated by the likes of the koch brothers who have bought up many of the state legislatures much like they buy and sell properties, and advertised by the carnival barkers who daily spew out their messages of hatred. Some of their targets would next be Education, EPA, and others that the Texas Governor wanted to abolish but couldnt remember their names. THEN, enter the nuns and other groups who want to end war so they would go after the military budgets. The possibilities are endless. When i was a kid, we called people who wanted to destroy the institutions of government “comsyms”….you know…communist sympathizers….only now, they really are under our beds……………nice going guys……….start your anarchy………i know, unfortunately you are also armed……

  2. Riley,

    The problem with the modern day conservative movement is that they don’t know how to let the other side fall on its face. The Republican Party should be pounding away on the IRS, Benghazi and a Universal Health Care solution which is not only not universal but demonstrably dangerous to the health of many of the people who will be forced into it. We need to let Obamacare and the Dems fail, they won’t disappoint.

    1. IRS is and was a non-issue…Maxwell Smart Issa tried to make something out of it………IRS staff was inundated with applications and when they tried to deny those that stunk of political activity……the tea partiers, etc went sobbing to their wacko reps in congress…………a big nothing!!!! and anyone who knows anything about govt applications knows better……..

    2. > You still don’t recognize that the Reps. are DO NOTHINGS!!!????

      Exactly. I would MUCH prefer that the feral government do nothing. Most of what it does now is not authorized by the Constitution.

    3. you really need to re-read the Constitution….and stop to understand the general welfare provisions that are initially talked about in the Preamble……….or do you belong to the cafeteria part of the constitutionalists!!

    4. The republicans have already fell on their faces,,,,,,,,,,,the only problem now is that they are/will drag down the rest of our great govt with them………

  3. So cute watching people pretend shutting down the government is a bad thing. Unfortunately the parts that are most important to shut down will keep going even through this.

    1. the tea party types, in trying to begin to defund parts of the govt they dotnt quite understand will help to brek the stability of the govt. we used to call people like that ‘comsymps’ back in the 60s. Today we call them demogogues and wackos!!

    2. you go girl……………rip the govt to shreds!! what fun…………..the chinese and north koreans must be laughing hysterically………

  4. Warren,

    Why don’t you ask the relatives of the dead and survivors of Benghazi? I’m not cheering or wanting this Administration or Congress to fail but they will because they are incompetent, the political opposition to failed and poorly implemented policies should be offering an alternative and not get in the middle of the chaos and confuse the issue of who is responsible for the chaos.

    Alexis Rose Banks is correct above who do you think a highly partisan, politically driven Administration will deem essential in a government shutdown?

    This was a very dumb move by Cruz, or a very cynical move by him simply to advance his own position within the Republican Party. A collapsing country is no fun to be in the middle of.

    1. You are absolutely right………..a collapsing govt is no fun to be around……very, very sad time in our history if the nutcases continue to carry this out……….

    2. Many people have had a hate on for Obama since he came into office. We only need to recall McConnell’s marching orders to destroy everything with Obama’s name on it. The carnival barkers have attempted to destroy Obama on a DAILY BASIS…………….and he is not a failure…………Geez, cant you remember what he inherited and where he took us………out of a near-world wide depression in 2009………….market was at 7,000 and going down………..unemployment was predicted to go to 10 percent before he came into office……….his measures ssavd the auto industry and banking industry……..one war shut down…….second is on its way to stop….and the latest coup………the security council is actually working together to disarm assad……..yep, Benghazi is a mess………..but thats the only one…………….and no, IRS was never a scandal..the scandal was in putting airheadds like Issa in charge to make it look like another republican smear. You know, the Politboro could not have planned a better de-stabilizing measure than the assh…. of the Patriots (barf) tea party…….we shall overcome…………..

  5. “drag down the rest of our great govt with them”

    Interesting to consider how, in your mind, its the GOVERNMENT and not the COUNTRY, that’s great.

    And you call yourself a moderate?

    1. Yep, I’m a moderate…………..and YES, the new ‘no-nothing’ congressmen who are steering the shutdown, want to close down certain departments of government ….and they are as sophisticated as Gov Perry 9i.e. NOT AT ALL)….cant quite remember which agencies………..these are dangerouspeople………

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