Petty and Unsafe

I drove on the GW Parkway in the evening of October 1.  The scenic overlooks had barriers at their entrance.  The Park Service actually spent the money to have workmen in trucks put up traffic barriers to block parking lots.  This is a road with no shoulders, so the scenic overlooks double as emergency pull offs.  The Park Service’s actions were not just petty, but unsafe.

I listened to Chris Plante this morning on the way to work.  He called the WWII memorial barriers spiteful in an eastern European bureaucratic way.


14 thoughts on “Petty and Unsafe

  1. Riley, I heard that about the area south of Old Town Alexandria. Last night I drove on the parkway north of Rosslyn. I’ll look later today and see if they are still there.

  2. Chris Plante is a total bigoted ass in my humble opinion. I cant listen to him anymore with his spewing vile hatred every day. ne wonders whose payroll he is on. As far as the Park Service, as a simple citizen, I do know they cannot pick and choose what they can open and not. Just look at the green paint woman…..with people like her and chris plant around, there’s no telling what can be protected.

    1. Chris Plante is a “Bigot?” Curious; I’ve never heard a bigoted word from him. Can you cite three examples Swim? If he is such a bigot you certainly can cite a lot of examples with sources. Is it civil discourse to throw that charge around indiscriminately? I suppose it is so well worn it has no meaning anymore. /s

      Indeed Ken, calling people morons because you disagree with their politics is, ah, what’s the word I seek? Moronic???

    2. i stopped listening to hate radio last year………..chris and the rest of them are chronic liars…… to morons……….that was mark levin’s favorite term for people who disagreed with him…………he was the biggest moron of them all………..and if you listen to and believe them……….you too are a moron!!!

  3. Thank you Mr. Riley………..hummmmmmm maybe the could also close down fox news and wmal……….and bring sanity back to discourse……..

    1. if not padlocked, then someone would still need to be paid to stay on duty and empty them……but, you dont really understand much about how our great govt works, whether we are emptying port-a-potties, or putting out fires in Syria…..we are thorough and do most things well………but since so many people really cant understand this, they are now ut to dismantle the govt……..thanks boys………..

  4. How could that nice guy, Bill Plante, spawn a nasty like Chris.? I listen to him
    once in a while on my car radio. He has got to be the nastiest of the many nasty men talking on that station. Even worse than Rush and Sean.

    1. YEP, you got it Ruth…………..that’s why some call WMAL “Hate Radio”…..i stopped listening to the Carnical Barkers (Plante, Rush, Hannity, Levin0 last year…….they are clearly out to destroy the US, and in the name of patriotism…..collectively a bunch of morons!!

  5. I drove by the overlooks this evening. Either someone in the White House wised up, or a private citizen acted on his own. The baracades are moved and we now have access to the parking lot.

  6. “maybe the could also close down fox news and wmal”

    Yes, yes. SILENCE those that you don’t agree with. You know that’s a form of totalitarianism, right?

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