VDOT Spending Taxpayer Money to Lobby Virginia Taxpayers for the Bi-county Parkway

Why is VDOT spending taxpayer money to lobby Virginia taxpayers by setting up a website advocating for the Bi-county Parkway (bicountyparkway.org) and advertising said web site on the radio on WMAL in DC during traffic reports as they did this morning?

Interesting to note that VDOT’s latest rationale for the Bi-county Parkway (both online and in the WMAL ad) is to reduce north-south traffic congestion between Loudoun and Prince William counties with nary a mention on their shiny new website of truck cargo traffic between Dulles Airport and I-95 as was originally promoted.  Apparently that was not testing well with focus groups, so they figured they would try out the “reduce traffic congestion” argument – never mind that the real traffic congestion problem in that area is east-west along the I-66 / Route 29 corridor.

I am in line with what Del. Bob Marshall stated back in April:

I oppose this road because I believe it is not cost effective, will create an opening for unrestrained development along the route and it will require a huge amount of property to be taken for the right-of-way. There are other alternatives that would be more cost effective and would require a less intrusive approach.

I could not say it better myself.