Ralph Northam Wants Your Money So He Can Attack E.W. Jackson

By most accounts, last night’s Lieutenant Governor debate at ODU was a win for Jackson. While Northam took every opportunity to attack EW, Jackson found many ways to talk about how he’d work with Northam and Senate Democrats. The media doesn’t know what to do with itself, the narrative so clearly flipped on it’s head as “bi-partisan” Ralph did nothing but attack EW every chance he got.

The best line of the night was tweeted by Jackson:


The biggest sign that Jackson won? The Northam campaign’s fundraising email that went out right after the debate.

Before any articles were written, the Northam campaign accused the Tea Party of spinning the content (video will be available soon, if I understand correctly) and begged for money to create a team that wouldn’t focus on the issues one bit but instead aim straight for E.W. Jackson:

The success of our rapid response effort depends on the grassroots support of people like you. Will you help us spread the word about Jackson’s extreme agenda?

Please make a contribution of $50 right now so we can tell Virginians why E.W. Jackson is unqualified to be Lieutenant Governor.

Tonight, Jackson tried to gloss over his rigid ideology. Most Virginians were not able to tune in and watch tonight’s debate. By chipping in to the Rapid Response Fund we can let them know what they missed. If want to hold Jackson accountable for his reckless agenda, now is the time to contribute.

Do people really fall for this? I guess so, because Ralph isn’t the first person to create these phantom “rapid response teams.” But to clearly build one with the express intent to attack E.W. Jackson?


It’s a desperate attack by a flailing campaign. A confident Ralph Northam wouldn’t constantly attack Jackson. A confident Ralph Northam wouldn’t have to beg, borrow or steal to attack Jackson.

A confident Ralph Northam would explain to Virginians how he would be any different as Lieutenant Governor compared to his Senate record of siding with Democrats to threaten a government shutdown in 2012, only spend 6% of his legislation on jobs and economy while Norfolk’s unemployment leapt to 10%, and not propose a single piece of legislation to improve educational opportunities for Virginians while sitting on the Health and Education Committee and watching schools fail in his own backyard.

Heck, he needs a Rapid Response Team to cover his tail from all of that!


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