More wonderful news from the EUtopia

The single currency has become such a strait-jacket for Greece that it’s encouraging the one thing “ever closer union” was supposed to prevent: a rise in violent fascism (The Corner):

So what’s the state of the opinion polls in Greece, a few days after the arrest of a large slice of the leadership of the neo-Nazi (or thereabouts) Golden Dawn?

Macropolis has some details:

“Two new opinion polls were made public late on Monday night. Both put New Democracy narrowly ahead of SYRIZA and had Golden Dawn as Greece’s third biggest party, reaffirming the figures that have been seen in the past few days from other surveys. The GPO poll indicated New Democracy was on 21 percent, against SYRIZA’s 20.5. Golden Dawn was at 7.8 percent, still surprisingly high but lower then that 10.1 percent that it had polled in May in another GPO survey.”

Here’s a hint as to how bad things are in Greece these days: SYRIZA, the party so far to the left it outflanks the Communists, is very close to becoming the second left-wing endorsement ever from yours truly (if they were willing to exit the eurozone, my endorsement would be a done deal).

Yes, it’s that bad in EUtopia.

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