The TV Ad That Cuccinelli Needs To Run

The following is the script to an ad that Ken Cuccinelli should run in the closing weeks of this campaign to drive home exactly what Terry McAuliffe’s policies would mean for Virginia.  (And I’ve got the five people in mind who could appear in this ad, too.)

Person 1: “I was born and raised in New York.”

Person 2: “Syracuse.”

Person 3: “Plattsburgh.”

Person 4: “Long Island.”

Person 5: “Queens.”

Person 1: “Albany.”

Person 2: “But I chose to move to Virginia.”

Person 3: “Because New York’s taxes got too high.”

Person 4: “And job opportunities became too few.”

Person 5: “Now, fellow former New Yorker Terry McAuliffe.”

Person 1: “Wants to be Governor of Virginia.”

Person 2: “And bring New York’s failed liberal policies here.”

Person 3: “Don’t let Terry McAuliffe destroy Virginia’s economy.”

Person 4: “The same way his extreme liberal pals have destroyed New York’s.”

Person 5: “On Election Day, November 5th.”

Person 1: “Say no to Terry McAuliffe.”

Person 2: “And his destructive liberal economic ideas.”

Person 3: “If he succeeds.”

Person 4: “And changes Virginia.”

Person 5: “One day we will say.”

Person 1: “Where our children moved.”

Person 2: “To find the opportunity we once had here.”

Person 3: “That’s why I’m voting for Ken Cuccinelli.”

Person 4: “Because we can’t afford to let Terry McAuliffe.”

Person 5: “Turn Virginia into another New York.”

Ken Cuccinelli:  “I’m Ken Cuccinelli and I authorized this ad.”


13 thoughts on “The TV Ad That Cuccinelli Needs To Run

  1. Cooch is helpless….your ad wont pull him out of the depths of defeat he is in….about the best you can do is drop all the meaningless rhetoric and try to be supportive of our next Governor (McAuliffe)

  2. That’s right, Riley. Just submit, like Ken says. Resistance is futile. Bend over. Get on your hands and knees. Whatever people like Ken tell you to do. They is in charge now. Your “meaningless rhetoric” has no place here.

    By the way, that ad is spot on. We had a similar problem in MA with Senator Lieawatha — Lizzie “Dead Eyes” Warren.

    1. They IS in charge now………its not a matter of resistance……….its more like erase the hate………..use your head…..stop listening to your carnival barker masters!! c’mon you can do it……………just use your common sense!!!

    1. you can say that from here………but ‘horribly mismanaged’??? that’s like saying southwestern Va is horribly mismanaged!! The milltowns of upstate new york died about 40 years ago……….Buffalo died when big steel and the wharves were closed………..and everything went south………..along with many of the great intellects who migrated from Buffalo and elsewhere………

  3. i’m from Bufalo, Binghamton and Albany and appear often on talk radio from Binghamton in the morning……….let the upstate NY folks know how things are………and often find the natives there are, like myslef, well-informed and humble!!

    1. Last time I checked, Virginia was run almost exclusively by Republicans. I live in the Neabsco Magesterial District which, along with Potomac Communities, is directed for the people’s benefit, by Democrats……..

  4. Ken,
    Horribly mismanaged is a nice way of me saying: turned to crap by a coalition of country club Republicans and mobbed up Democratic operatives.

    You’re from Buffalo , Binghamton, Albany, in the ether, in Virginia, on Virtucon, you’re everywhere, you’re omnipresent Ken! Two more Os and OMG!

    1. Thank you Jim……..i love life so much that omnipresence is the only way to go….hummmmmmmmm..I even live in the rich part of Dale City!!!!!!

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