EXCLUSIVE: Fraternal Order of Police to Endorse E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor

Virginia Virtucon has learned that E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, will receive the endorsement of the Virginia chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police.

This endorsement, coupled with that of the Police Benevolent Association, gives Jackson the support of both of Virginia’s largest law enforcement organizations.

Jackson has also recently received the endorsement of former Representative Allen West and the FRC Action, which will have a tour of Virginia next week with the Duggar family.

This news comes hot on the heels of today’s revelation from John Fredericks that Ralph Northam’s campaign is preparing to spend $1.5 million in ads that focus on personal attacks on E.W. Jackson.


11 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Fraternal Order of Police to Endorse E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor

  1. I find te endorsement very hard to believe. I thought the FOP was much more sophisticated and interested in identifying with and supporting politicians wh could help their causes……………the good bishop in my humble opinion is a weirdo politically!!!!

  2. That will really lower the credibility of the FOP. These stories about EW falsely claiming to be the chaplain for the Boston Red Sox take him to a new low.

  3. First, no one cares about the Red Sox stuff except die-hard Dems.

    Second, the article does mention that he was a team-appointed asst chaplain for the Sox…. which is accurate.

    If they really want members of those teams to come down and campaign for EW, they are opening the door for just that with this tripe.

  4. He’s a storefront preacher who gave himself the title ‘bishop,’ has no business being lieutenant governor of anything, and anyone who votes for him is clueless.

    1. You are so right Herb……….and to think the Reps did have a lot of seasoned candidates for LG………too bad, so sad!!!!

  5. I like this E.W. Jackson fellow. He makes me feel better about myself after a self-hating day.

    In a more truthful statement, it is spot on for Allen West to be endorsing this wingnut.

    1. The past week really demonstrates how much damage wingnuts can inflict on our nation………I am in disbelief that such a small band of wingnuts could impose so much financial damage on our nation…………

  6. Hey I have an idea. Let’s spew every piece of liberal BS talking points we can!

    Anyone who accuses the Republicans of fiscal responsibility while not noting that Obama and Reid have run up $7 trillion in debt- more than all previous presidents combined- is not serious and is a blind Dem partisan. If anything brings us to fiscal ruin, that will.

    Anyone who brings up that crap while discussing a state race is an even bigger idiot.

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