Britain sells the Post Office

While so many conservatives here in the United States worry about Robertscare turning the country “into Europe,” the folks who actually live in Europe are showing that the trend doesn’t always fall in the leftist direction.

The British government privatized its post office (the Royal Mail) this week, and as Fraser Nelson (Spectator Coffee House) noted, it’s been a huge success:

The Royal Mail privatisation (UK sp) has been a resounding success: shares were priced at the top range of 330p and are now trading at 440p. The 99.7 per cent of Royal Mail staff who took shares have today seen the value of their stake jump by a third. Ditto the 15,000 Royal Mail middle managers who applied for a medium-term share programme (UK sp) and will keep the stake for three years.

At this rate, according to the Telegraph, the Royal Mail could lose over a fifth of its value and still make the FTSE 100 (the British Dow Jones).

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