Ron Paul Rallies Libertarians To Cuccinelli, Spurns Sarvis

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), the 1988 Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States and a preeminent leader of the libertarian movement in America today, has strongly endorsed Republican Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Governor.

Click on the letter below to read the full text of the endorsement.




In doing so, Congressman Paul spurned Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Party candidate in this race.  Dr. Paul has obviously taken the view that Sarvis cannot win and that between the two candidates who are positioned to win, Cuccinelli better serves the cause of liberty than Terry McAuliffe.


One thought on “Ron Paul Rallies Libertarians To Cuccinelli, Spurns Sarvis

  1. Maybe he figured (correctly) that Sarvis is a latecomer wanna-be who hasn’t ever done a thing for the liberty movement in Virginia before. Until he announced his run this year, nobody who has been in the trenches on this issue had ever heard of him. According to VPAP, he’s never supported anyone other than himself – ever.

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