WashPo: Vote McAuliffe Because We Hate Cuccinelli (And All Republicans)

That may as well have been the headline of today’s Washington Post endorsement of Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor.  They basically took their template from four years ago when they endorsed Creigh Deeds and replaced Bob McDonnell’s name with Ken Cuccinelli’s while leaving in things about how mean and divisive and partisan the Republican is and that the GOP nominee is only giving recent lip service to the economy and jobs.  Never mind that there is almost nothing specific they can say about McAuliffe other than he supports the key legislative accomplishment of Bob McDonnell who was supposed to have been a mean, divisive and partisan governor.

I’m not even going to link to the WashPo endorsement because, frankly, it would be a waste of your time to read it.  What is more interesting is reading their 2009 endorsement of Deeds:

Based on his 14-year record as a lawmaker — a record dominated by his focus on incendiary wedge issues — we worry that Mr. McDonnell’s Virginia would be one where abortion rights would be curtailed; where homosexuals would be treated as second-class citizens; where information about birth control would be hidden; and where the line between church and state could get awfully porous. That is a prescription for yesterday’s Virginia, not tomorrow’s.

. . .

Mr. McDonnell also has claimed he would be more effective at creating jobs. Yet while Mr. McDonnell has been an activist public servant, he has no significant record, either as a lawmaker or as attorney general, of promoting policies to encourage job growth.

So, in its quadrennial ritual, the WashPo once again proclaims that the sky is falling and certain doom awaits Virginia if voters fail to elect the Democrat candidate for Governor. Maybe its time for the Post’s new owner Jeff Bezos to can Chicken Little as their editorial page writer.


54 thoughts on “WashPo: Vote McAuliffe Because We Hate Cuccinelli (And All Republicans)

  1. Not really surprising. The last time the Post endorsed a Virginia GOP candidate in a statewide race was Sen. John Warner in his 1996 reelection bid (amusingly against Mark Warner).

    As long as Lee Hockstader is on the editorial board, they will continue to hate Virginia Republicans.

    More interesting is the Daily Press (Hampton Roads) editorial board, which endorsed McDonnell and is now endorsing Terry. I suspect they won’t be the last.

  2. “Bob McDonnell who was supposed to have been a mean, divisive and partisan governor.”

    Did you really mean this? You have got to be kidding. Supposed to?!? God lord man, McDonnell eclipsed expectations that even the Wash Post underestimated. Should we start with ultra sound Bob or partisan cas h payments?

    He not only will go down as one of the most corrupt Va Governors but we is also finished politically.

    Easy to see in hindsight Creigh was the right endorsement.

    1. That must be why his approval ratings are still holding up nicely, Satchmo, because he’s “one of the most corrupt Governors” and is “finished politically”…

      The only people still banging on about the transvaginal ultrasound BS (which btw McDonnell opposed!) are those who live in a partisan bubble.

    2. C’mon Satchmo…I worked on Creigh’s campaign (volunteer)….so far, McDonnell is in the swamps…………but he did a lot of good things and certainly not corrupt!!!

  3. “Doesn’t the Post normally predict winners?” Well let’s think….the endorsed Kerry in 2004 — he lost. They endorsed Ehrlich for MD Governor in 2006 — he lost. They endorsed Obama in 2008– he won. They endorsed Deeds in 2009 — he lost BIG. Sounds like a mixed bag to me. Not like I would vote for the person that they tell me to — I actually have a brain and can think for myself.

  4. Yes, it certainly is. I don’t need to be told what to think. Definitely not from the editorial board of the Washington Post.

    1. You must be a Republican Robert……..DOOMED?? The only thing that is doomed is the Republican “Party”…….come to our big tent Robert!!

  5. Democrats and liberals are the most open-minded, accepting, and tolerant people out there. Just so long as you think the exact same way they do. Dissent will not be tolerated, lest you be branded as a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobic, anti-scientific, anti-choice, segregationalistic, Nazi who wants to see children, the elderly, animals, and trees die. Did I miss anything, or did that just about cover it? 😉

    1. You pretty well covered all the qualities of today’s Republican….BUT, the tent is up……don’t pre-judge!!!

  6. Besides, the Democrat tent tried to kick God out last year at their National Convention. Any party that doesn’t want God in simply doesn’t cut it in my book.

  7. Ken, er I mean swim, my God is not Dick Cheney. My God is God. Hopefully yours is too and not Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm).

    1. hahahaha……….you gave yourself away with the mmm mmm mmmm…that tells me your God is someone assigned that role by Rush Limbaugh. I used to listen to rush every day…..to count the lies out of his mouth……and tell me what his issues are. After the 2012 election I stoped listening to him………he’s simply a Carnival Barker………..you might want to clean up your act…..eg…..saying God was banned by the convention!!! and try listening to the truth on msnbc every night!!

  8. Ken, er swim, is being obnoxious this is the sure sign of a troll. Swim, er, uh, ken, is doing his level best to do what he can to change minds and influence people. You can all see just how wildly successful the little trollop has been.

    I made the mistake earlier of feeding him. I ask all the non-troll denizens to forgive my indiscretion.

  9. Obnoxious??? I’m not the one who is misbehaving Robert……………Like where are you getting this little troll stuff…..I am big and powerful…………both in mind and body!!! Go to your room and stop listening to WMAL!!!

  10. Robert, not a problem. It’s fun to engage the other side and see if it’s even possible to have a constructive discussion. It’s not that easy though. I’ll see if I can try: The Federal Government has gotten too large and is too intrusive in our lives. The social welfare programs, even with the good intentions, are unsustainable and must be reformed in some ways. There needs to be some personal accountability, as there are far too many people using the safety net as a hammock. The Government that governs within the framework of the Constitution is the one that governs best. The Republicans would like to see a smaller, smarter, more effective government that is a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollars and not one that is guilty of waste, fraud, abuse, and constant handouts (ensuring that one political party maintains a voting bloc).

    1. The foregoing are ALL GENERALITIES………just what do you mean by “too large”? Safety net = a hammock…..i think that is TOTAL NONSENSE……….Govt working within the Constitution…..and what about the ‘general welfare’ provision in the Preamble!! Smaller and smarter…………….nice terms that have no meaning!! I would like to say “good try”…………but i am sorry to say these generalities are big whines!!!

  11. The Constitution says “promote the general welfare.” It does not say “guarantee the general welfare.” Besides, “provide for the common defense” comes before the general welfare clause, and yet liberals are always grumbling about that. “Too large,” granted, is a generality. How would you like to measure it? In my view, any Government that is able to spend its time on campaigns making suggestions on what people eat, drink, and say, is too large. Safety net as a hammock is not total nonsense. Anyone who is living off the Government dime, taking a welfare check, and is not working or trying to find work or contribute something to their community, is about as good as a leech. There are too many folks like that, and I don’t say that lightly. The notion of a cradle-to-grave welfare state is financially bankrupting us as a nation. The marginalization of God and a basic sense of right and wrong is resulting is moral and spiritual decay. Call them whines if you want, but if you are REALLY honest with yourself, I think you might (just might) come to the conclusion that they are true.

    1. You continue to be replete with unfounded generalizations….liberals, cradle-to-grave welfare……….all a pile of biased and blurred outbursts that you are trying to turn into facts. Like our great mentors have said…you are entitled to your opinions, but not to facts……………

    2. It says “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States;”

      It says nothing about paying anyone’s personal debts, or about providing for anyone’s personal defence or personal welfare.

    3. Yep………..different times and different verbiage…………………..how about stretching the provision for militias to peoples’ “right” to carry AK 47s? how about shoulder arms to shoot down planes…….a God-given right!!! hohohoho

  12. I believe the quote is “you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.” Well, the facts are that there are more people living in poverty and living on food stamps than at any time in our nation’s history. It is true that liberals seek to ensure that citizens have some form of social welfare from birth to death (this assumes of course that they aren’t aborted before birth). Look, if you want the Government to provide for everyone’s general welfare from birth to death, and you want the taxpayers to pay for it, just say so. However, to simply say that Republicans and conservatives want people to starve to death, or are racist and extremist, is just as blurred and biased as what you accuse me of saying. If you want the nanny state, just admit it. If you want abortion up to the day of birth, just admit it. If you want higher taxes to pay for everything, just admit it. If you want the Government to guarantee you a job, a house, clothes, food, healthcare, dental care, a car, a cell phone, and flat screen tv, just admit it. However, if that happens and the car doesn’t work right, or the tv burns out and the job sucks, and you have to wait 6 months for a physical, well, don’t come crying to me.

  13. Let it be said, when this Gov election is all said and done. The current crop of Republicans elected Cuchinelli, and Virginians elected McAullife.

    A relatively tiny bunch of small minded, pouting, entrenched, and dangerous Tea Party Nazis pushed for a convention and got what they wanted. A troubled and disturbing ticket of losers. Virginia is bigger and more bold than that little cabal. Thank the Lord.

    1. I was with you until you had to break out the Hitler card. For some reason liberals seem unable to refrain from outright demagoguing. How sad. Where hath the civility gone?

    2. Why is fiscal responsibility compared to mass genocide, conquest and concentration camps? This is a ludicrous comparison. It is an hysterical comparison. It is also the sort of comparison that is designed to dehumanize the target. Is this what you really mean to do?

  14. I with draw Nazis as it does seem to cause the lunatics to divert from the message.

    Let’s see….rather than Nazis, let’s go with Ostriches. They rarely put on uniforms and should be much less distracting from the cause of the Cuccinelli meltdown.

    1. Yes, Satchmo, it does “seem” to cause people to divert from the message when you throw in Nazi analogies! Who’da thunk? I mean when I’m trying to convince someone of something I always insult them first, preferably by comparing them to mass murderers. What could go wrong?!

  15. You withdraw the word “Nazis” but are more than happy to use the word “lunatics.” So anyone who is conservative is loony?

    1. I am not sure what his definition of conservative is. I look at it as primarily a fiscal and government/Leviathan over reach issue.

      Does a one trillion dollar a year concern Satchmo? If so how much? What can be done about it today?

      It as a constitutional issue, is limited government, with separated powers as outlined in the constitution something that is worth conserving. Right now Leviathan is off the hook, and has been for some 50+ years and his power is growing largely unabated. Does Satchmo see this as a problem? If so how much? What should be done about it today? When the government does not follow the constitution is the government acting lawlessly?

  16. And now you’ve gone and added the word “wackjobs.” What is so negative about fiscal responsibility, living within one’s means, and looking to reduce the role of government involvement in people’s lives? Why is it such a sin to want to keep more of one’s hard earned money, especially when the government has demonstrated over and over again that they are not good stewards of the taxpayer’s dime?

    1. There are those of us who believe that govt is a good steward of our funds……..the multi trillion dollar operation provides many services from our military, roads, funds for meals on wheels and head start………that is why we have the greatest economy and govt operation on earth……………we will always have whiners, we will always have mistakes too….but for the most part…a great govt…….

  17. Not sure where you got the idea I wasn’t for fiscal responsibility. I am all for it. Nothing negative about it.

    Now you are making me laugh when you infer that Cuccinelli is trying to get government out of people’s lives. That’s a joke! Until one considers lunatics believe that is what the Tea Party is trying to do.

  18. What an honor to be associated with the outspoken and affective BlackOut.

    Satchmo now carries the flag of truth. Oh and I am sure will continue to totally piss off all the right people.

    Truthfully, it’s an honor to have folks recognize the similarities.

    1. The substance of Robert’s comments are much above my grade level…..i do note a huge lack of comments today on Virginia Virticon…………you guys really dont know how to fight a war…………although you bested anything any communists nations could have levelled on us. Congratulations to all…………HB

  19. Riley and Satchmo – are you talking to me? Did i get to you with the communist reference? I did get thru to Boehner and Cantor’s office and got that message to both of them….bet you dont like that one, bu IT IS TRUE. And Satchmo’s Boss……..what will you do with my keyfob and id? Like the Texas Congressman Wackjob said to the Park Service Honey…..”you should be ashamed of yourself” …. which pointed to his total ignorance of the govt process – HE created the mess……….and He is running the govt……….oh what winners you all bow too!!

    1. For the record, Riley was not addressing you. For the record, satchmo is not addressing you. For the record. I am addressing you. Hope this helps.

      Your last comment after the question regarding who is talking to whom … is indecipherable. Try grammar and punctuation. It helps. Really.

  20. Hey, V V I hope you realize the only time you hit double digits on postings is when I am involved. I’ll start sending you a bill.

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