E.W. Jackson – The next great civil rights battle is in educational opportunity.

Bearing Drift has an opinion piece on Parental Choice from Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson that’s worth a few minutes of your time:

For so many across the Commonwealth, the system just isn’t working. Students of Peterburg’s A.P. Hill Elementary have suffered in a school that has failed to meet minimum state standards for EIGHT YEARS. Lafayette-Winona Middle School in Norfolk has failed to meet standards for FOUR YEARS. Yet officials ask for more money and more time. For the sake of these students, we must say that time is up.

Virginia’s educational budget has ballooned from $9.5 billion in 2003 to $15 billion in 2013. Yet the system continues to beg for more. And the education unions continue to dump thousands of dollars into the campaign coffers for those who will further their agendas instead of putting the children first.

The next great civil rights battle is in educational opportunity. Our failure to provide a quality education to all, no matter what their economic background, is consigning many to a lifetime of low skilled jobs or unemployment. They are denied opportunity and dignity afforded by a good skill and job. They are denied the promise of a better future.

Whenever Republicans speak of school choice, Democrats seize up. “But what about the teachers?!?!!” they scream, ignoring that it’s the STUDENTS who suffer the most when schools fail. E.W. is spot on that this is a Civil Rights issue and something that all Virginians should take seriously.

A quality education should not be limited only to those who can afford it – whether out of pocket or because they can afford to live in a more affluent community. Virginia should be ashamed of the condition of its urban schools.


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  1. It would have been nice to hear some suggestions from Mr. Jackson about how he might
    go about changing the situation. Complaining is easy.

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