Meanwhile, in Canada…

…the supposed nirvana in health care policy (single-payer) takes another hit (National Post):

Two Albertans who paid thousands of dollars for surgery in the United States after facing long waits for treatment back home will argue their constitutional challenge of the province’s ban on private medical insurance before a Calgary judge on Thursday.

The lawyer for Darcy Allen and Richard Cross says Alberta’s “monopoly” on health care and inability to manage long wait lists leave patients little choice but to suffer for months and years or to shell out big dollars for private health care outside Canada.

Mr. Carpay said a mix of public and private health-care would make for a healthier system. “It’s fine for the government to have a health-care program, and we’re not disputing that. We’re saying people should have the freedom to access health care outside of it.”

That “freedom to access health care outside of it” has been the bête noire of the left in America (and, to be fair, much of the Anglosphere) for decades. Canada’s system (which is not actually single-payer, due to the fact that the provinces finance and control health care directly, not Ottawa) has been held up by many Americans on the center-left is utopia for years, never mind what actually happens up there.

This Alberta court case is yet another reminder of the reality in Canada.

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5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Canada…

  1. And Alberta is one of the more (if not the most) conservative province in Canada (PM Harper is from Calgary). WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! This has the potential to be our future here in the US — where we find ourselves in single-payer and then have to go to court to argue FOR the private-sector option!

  2. You don’t get it — that is EXACTLY what the progs want. They do not want “the rich” to be able to get health care services elsewhere. That would not be “fair”.

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